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Well, I've decided to spend the money and purchase a little quieter bang for my buck. I recently graduated college and decided a suppressor would be a nice way to reward myself. I've got my selection narrowed down to two but I'd like to hear some input from y'all to narrow it down to one. Both are 5.56 and will likely stay on my BCM most of the time. I don't have a use for any 30 cal cans seeing as how my only 30 cal is a vintage M1 Garand.


Griffin Armament Recce 5-

Average sound reduction, 35db

6.2" long

14.5oz in weight

$645 from Silencer Shop

Griffin is also running a promo that gets me an additional muzzle device with my purchase


AAC 556-SD-

Average sound reduction, 34db

6.7" long

18oz in weight

$510 from Silencer Shop

This one as a 51T ratcheting mount that I've heard mixed reviews with but I am a fan of the price


Any and all opinions are welcome! 


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