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low beam H11 headlight stopped working, bulb is not burned out

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Last week I noticed when driving into the garage, that one of my DRL/low beam lights was out. I have a 2015 with the halogen lights, separate high beams.

I first read some old posts on here about how to get at them. No problem, I bought a new set of H11 bulbs and went to replace them. I put the new bulb in the driver's side first since it is easier, the new bulb worked. (that old bulb still worked as well).

Then I go yank the air box out to get at the passenger side. put new bulb in. After reassembling everything I tested it out by turning on my headlights, and lo and behold, this brand new bulb does not light up. After inspecting the old bulb, I cannot see any sign of it burning out either, no black, nothing broken inside the glass.


So my question is, would there be anything I can easily check that would cause this if it is a wiring issue? I'm not terribly worried about it now since I do very little driving after dark and I will be taking my truck in for an inspection right before my 36 month warranty runs out in June. Just wondering if this has been encountered before. I don't want to make a habit of replacing bulbs only to find out they are not the problem. Replacing the passenger side bulb is not fun.

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Very very unlikely that both the bulbs (old one and new one) are bad, but if it is simple to do, test those bulbs out on the other side, the side that works.  Process of elimination.  Having worked in the lighting industry awhile back (commercial, not automotive) I every once in a blue moon came across a scenario where an old bulb was out, I put in a new bulb, it was out as well, suspected the ballast was bad, but turned out to be the old bulb and new bulb were both bad.  Kind of like what happens many times when you go and pick up a re-manufactured starter or alternator from a parts store. 

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Still have the old "good" bulb? Try it. If it works then you know you have 2 bad bulbs. If not, you'll need a volt meter and or test light. The headlights are fused seperately so check the fuses.

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I had 4 good bulbs. The problem was in the wiring harness going to my plow lights. Disconnected the plow wiring from the system and my truck works fine.


Now I still have to get the plow wiring fixed, but that won't be happening for a while.

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I have had the same problem " BUT one 2 weeks apart  both Low beam headlamps have blown out 2007 Chevy Silverado 2500HD.


I have changed the bulbs 2x's the worked for a while and then would go out. So I replaced both "Pigtails" on both sides as I noticed one of the wires was burnt.

That seem to work for about a month and now the pass side low beam is out again.

I inspected the bulb inside the pass side and it is good.  Must be something else . I read some said they had other issues and they replaced a FCM?

Not sure what that is. 

Or is there another part I need to check? Any help. This is so weird.


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Jim, I am experiencing the same. Changed 4 pigtails thus far. Passenger side pigtail looks burnt after 2 weeks. I even tried changing pigtails to a high heat version. Just burnt out tonight after 1 day. 

I also changed the sensor/ capacitor in fuse box. No luck. 

I see numerous GM trucks on the road with passenger side (H-11) not working. 

I'm going to dealership to see if a mechanic can/will discuss the issue.

Will advise if he does.

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