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What do you use your Silverado for?

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I was on another forum and people were posting their mileage on their newer trucks and one guy put almost 50,000 miles on his truck in a year, said he had a long commute. I thought...Jesus that's a lot of driving. But then again these are trucks, people use them for work. I know a guy who is in the hvac business and he's told me that it's not unusual for him to drive 100 miles down a highway, get a call from his boss, and have to turn around and drive another 100 back to pick something up. I have friends that use their trucks for plowing, towing, work, commuting...all in one.


Personally I use mine just for commuting...80 mile round trip five days a week. Throw in another 100 miles on the weekends. Easy highway commuting. 


But I know some people use these things for a lot more, I'd like to hear some of those stories to kind of see what these trucks can handle.

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I just use mine to commute to work. 10 miles a day and after work I go fishing and hunting. Weekend so just go for drives and haul wood a bit. Fishing season is here in upstate NY so I will be hauling a boat here and there. I have a 14 Silverado doubl cab with the 4.3 and it does everything I need it to do no problem



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Its funny, you wont see any guys who only drive their trucks to "drive a truck" post on this.  Or at least thats what I think.  


My Silverado isn't new, technically it isn't a Silverado.  But it gets used mainly for hauling sap in the spring, boat in the summer,  hauling wood in the fall and not as much during the winter.  

Not sure how I would function without at truck.  Id have to make some life changes for sure.  

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84 mile round trip (6 days a week) for work, towing a trailer at a minimum a couple of times a month, hauling things (like firewood, ATV, etc) constantly, etc.  Can't do all of that w/o a truck. 

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I use my truck as the proverbial guinea pig to come up with mods for everyone here to enjoy! :)  Otherwise, it just sits in the driveway.  Not even a pavement princess.  More like a driveway queen. LOL.  I work from home and barely use the truck to run errands with a couple of miles from the house.  The longest trip was a 3 hour drive south for a College visit.  

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Mostly commuting and job site visits with some weekend hauling.  Then there is the occasional hunting, camping, fishing and kayaking trips.  The new-er truck splits time with my old-er truck so neither gets so many miles on them.  I still put 12-15k a year on both.

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I use mine for daily commuting. Weekends will normally consist of fishing so, some riding sand and mud. Occasionally I'll tow machines or cars for friends and family.

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I see a lot of the same commuters on my way to work with their trucks. I'm about 60 miles round trip each day. A guy that works next to me has an F350 lifted about 8 inches and his commute is about 80 miles round trip. I put about 25k miles a year. My 1500 is just my personal toy that I have more fun driving around town than a Corvette. Really no utility besides that and my usual runs to Home Depot.


My 2500HD was used for a lot more than just that...



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    • By Jedibusiness
      Original owner, all stock 2015 2500HD WT 6.0 gas 190k miles.  Cylinder 3 exhaust valve tip almost gone.  
      Engine developed a low noise valve tick on start up and idle, 3k miles later, louder and at all rpms.  Intermittent (twice) P0303.  Removed valve cover, rocker arm and observed damaged valve.  Roller lifter and cam journal showed no signs of damage.  
      Of the eight valves, one destroyed and three others showing wear( pic 3)  Inspected passenger cylinder head valve bank, no signs of wear or damage.  Oil stain seen through exhaust port.  
      Informed GM and assigned case
      #9-5190338716.  The truck has been a solid performer and provides great service. The short years and high mileage may indicate future issues with valve lots that may be below specification. 
      My plan is to replace all valve parts including lifters.  Should GM want to inspect these parts, I will make them available upon request.  

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      I have a 2015 Chevy Silverado Work Truck 4wd with the 5.3l V8. On my truck, I have a manual transfer case on the floor similar to older trucks. All of a sudden my 4wd light on the dash will come on and my truck starts whining and grinding like it wants to go into 4wd. My shifter for 4wd is positioned in the 2wd position, and the light is still on. I can put it into 4wd and then back into 2wd and the light will go off and 30-60 seconds later the 4wd light will be back on. Now even when I turn it on sometimes the 4wd light comes on immediately. Has anyone else had this problem? If so what did they do for repairs? Anything helps
    • By ChadwickDMAX
      Hey guys, new member here. I decided to join this forum because of how awesome the community is on providing answers and solutions to somewhat elusive topics elsewhere on the internet. I'm excited to be a part of this awesome community and help contribute when possible!
      I currently own a 2015 Silverado 2500HD W/T (work truck). Although these trucks come well-equipped in comparison to previous generation work trucks, there are still some features that us W/T guys are missing that I would like to upgrade to. So let's call this the "W/T Modernization" thread. My aim is to provide a solid thread to answer some of my questions and also help other W/T owners find the information they're looking for in regards to upgrading their truck.
      Here is a list of mods I would like to accomplish:
      - OEM 8" Touchscreen display w/ IO5/6 HMI module for Factory Nav. (LT+ models)
      - LCD Color-display instrument cluster. (LT+ models)
      - OEM Steering Wheel Controls (SWC) on the right side of steering wheel.
      - OEM style tailgate backup camera.
      - Z71 style front grille approach camera.
      I have found a good amount of information so far on upgrading these trucks from an IO4 to an IO6 HMI module in order to support an 8" OEM touchscreen along with factory nav, Apple CarPlay, etc. From my understanding, there are companies you can contact to purchase full plug & play kits for about $1k. This seems to be the easiest and most expensive way. I attempted a DIY approach by buying an OEM take-off 8" display on eBay, but the problem is in the HMI module. These need to be pre-programmed in order to plug and play and there is no open-source software to do so.
      The issues I'm having is obtaining clear, concise information on performing the remaining upgrades.
      Instrument Cluster / Steering Wheel Control Upgrade:
      - So far I have purchased an OEM take-off instrument cluster from a Z71 package truck of the same year. This new cluster swapped out and powered up from the original harness just fine. Upon startup, the display states "Action Required: Cluster Programming" along with a plethora of service warnings such as "Rear Axle, TPMS, Front Camera" etc. Unlike the original cluster which has a manual push-pin selector to clear service codes and change menus, the new cluster does not have a manual selector. This leads me to assume that the only way to interface with the cluster is by steering wheel controls.
      My W/T has cruise control on the left side of the steering wheel which is interfacing on the new cluster but does not have a right side control/selector. Can I simply add additional SWC selector to the right side of my existing steering wheel or do I need to purchase a whole new steering wheel? Is this plug and play? Once installed, will it properly interface with the new cluster? How do you properly program the new cluster? is it auto-programmable or do I have to take it in/send it off to somewhere?
      Rear/Front Cameras:
      - Rear OEM tailgate handle back-up camera is a necessity; especially since the truck is a crew cab long bed. Does anyone know if these trucks in this year come pre-wired to add on a tailgate camera? Will it properly interface with the new 8" screen? This is a priority over front camera which is just added luxury. Same questions apply to front camera. If anyone can point us in the right direction for a quality OEM style camera, that would be awesome.
      Thanks a ton,
      Kole (ChadwickDMAX)
      Southern California

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      John Goreham
      Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com
      Chevy wants you work truck shoppers to know that the new 2019 4500HD/5500HD/6500HD trucks now come with a flowtie. A flowtie is a Chevy bowtie emblem that allows air to pass through and thus cool the engine area. 

      Chevy says that during Z/28 aerodynamics testing, engineers noticed that the bowtie on the grille was blocking cooling air. Engineer Richard Quinn went at the bowtie with a cut-off wheel making slots. He installed the new prototype "flowtie" on the grille and a retest proved that it allowed more air into the engine, lowering engine fluid temperatures during extended track sessions. Now your work truck can have that same benefit. 

      Chevy work truck Design Manager Kevin O’Donnell says, “The flowtie is an elegant solution. And it’s going to work on the Silverado exactly the way it does on Camaro." 
    • By tmo
      I was wondering about upgrading my small cluster in my 2015 sierra WT to the multi-color/4.2 inch cluster. Is this something that is possible? The connectors are the same on the back so I guess all the wiring is there and its just a matter of getting the BCM programmed. Any info would be great!
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