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A/C System Not Charged From Factory, 2018 Sierra 1500

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I purchased a new 2018 GMC Sierra in February, and I'm in MN where it was freezing up until May, so I didn't get a chance to test the A/C.  What I did notice was a hissing sound during normal operation and it bugged me so sometimes when I turned the A/C on and back off, it would sometimes go away.  It was strange and I brought it up to the dealer in March or April and they dismissed it as normal... Well when it finally got warm and I wanted the A/C, sure enough it did not work!  I took it in and they determined it was never charged, so they charged it and found no leaks.  Well it just so happens the guy in the waiting room has a 2018 Sierra also and had the same issue, and says a handful of other people did at this dealership also.  I got the 10 year warranty so if it ends up being damaged because there was no freon/lube in it, they will have to replace it within the 10 years at the very least, and it's on file as a repair in my history.


So, did anyone else experience this like I (and at least a few others) did?

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The compressor shouldn’t of been damaged as it shouldn’t of cycled without the system pressure. Curious if it had a vacuum on it though. Without a vacuum you could have moisture in the system however. 

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If it was all sealed up in a factory setting I am sure your fine. Otherwise the dryer would be shot and moisture in the system. With low pressure the compressor will not go on. Shocking the quality control GM has. 

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