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2018-05-17 11.15.56.jpg

(Yes, this is really us ordering our truck!)

Zane Merva

Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com



Someone ring the bell, today is the day that you can waltz on down to your Chevrolet and/or GMC dealer, sit down with a sales rep, and option out / submit the order for your brand new 2019 Silverado or Sierra. Now, that said, you'll be shooting blind, as GM hasn't let us know yet how much the 2019's are going to cost. In fact, we don't even know how much horsepower the engines will be rated at..... BUT, we can in fact order them. So, GM-Trucks.com did. Here's what we found out. 


What You CAN Order

As of today, (May 17th, 2018), you can place an order for an LT, LT Trail Boss, RST, LTZ, or High Country for Silverado and only SLT/Denali for Sierra. Crew cabs are up first and are the only cab you can get as of today. Nearly every regular option is available to be ordered but specific trims have a better shot at being produced than unique combinations. 


What You CANNOT Order

Reports of dealers offering to place orders for diesel engines are floating around on on our 2019 Silverado/Sierra Owners Facebook Group. The facts are, while a dealer can take your money for a deposit, they won't be able to order a new light-duty diesel yet. You also won't be able to order double cab or regular cab trucks.


Be Careful!

As of today, dealers know exactly how many new trucks they can order and how many of each color they can order. If you're submitting an order, make sure your dealership has the open allocation for both the truck AND the color you want. 


Meet GM-Trucks.com's 2019 Chevrolet Silverado

In the interest of research and keeping the community informed, we marched on down to the dealer late this morning to talk shop and place an order. We have a lot of plans for our new 2019 that you'll hear about in a few months, so picking out the right trim was a little tougher than we thought.


Although the LT Trail Boss was extremely tempting, we knew we needed the 6.2L, which you can't get on the Trail Boss. So strike that out.  And, while the High Country was right up our alley, we didn't want to get what will likely be the most expensive Silverado ever sold either. That pretty much made us land squarely in the middle of the two and in the end we decided the LTZ trim level was right for our needs. It allows us to get the 6.2L V8 (of which we strangely don't know the output of yet) and GM's all new 10-speed automatic transmission. 


We also wanted to get a truck that was at least as nice as our 2011 GMC Sierra SLT All-Terrain. We love our heated leather seats and Bose audio on our 2011 and our new truck needed to have these options too.  So, with that all in mind... here's how we optioned things out once we sat down to the table. 


2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4WD Crew Cab LTZ

  • Northsky Blue Metallic
  • Jet BLack Leather Interior Trim
  • 6.2L V8 - L87 / 10-speed transmission - MQB
  • Z71 Off-Road Package 
  • LTZ Preferred Equipment Group - 1LZ
  • LTZ Convenenience Package - PCZ
  • LTZ Convenenience Package II - PCN
  • LTZ Plus Package - PDF
  • Safety Package - PQB
  • Power Up/Down Tailgate - QT6
  • 20-inch Polished Wheels - RD2
  • Bose Sound System - UQA
  • Premium Nav/Infotainment System - IOT


Some of the cool stuff included in these packages

  • Heated and ventilated front seats
  • Heated Rear Outboard Seats
  • Two 120-volt outlets (one inside, one in bed)
  • HD Rear Vision Camera
  • Rear Sliding Window
  • Front/Rear Park Assist
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert / Side Blind Zone Alert


We did not get

  • Bedliner or rubber floor matts
  • Heads up display or 360-degree camera
  • Any accessories, step bars, or covers. (We have plans for all that stuff!)
  • A sunroof (a weak attempt to save money)


Our problem right now is that we don't know how much this truck will cost. We do have a general idea though.  Based on 2018 pricing, we expect the MSRP on our 2019 to land between $54-56k dollars.


All that's left is for the order to be submitted to GM (which the dealer's ordering guy will handle soon) and for GM to accept the order (who knows when?!). Production for our vehicle is expected to take place in late July or early August. Of course, we'll keep everyone in the loop on any updates we get as the process moves along. 


If you want to buy one of the first new Silverado or Sierra, this is the week you'll want to visit your dealer. 


Here's our actual order sheet listing the options we picked out

2018-05-17 14.03.50.jpg

2018-05-17 14.03.57.jpg

2018-05-17 14.04.13.jpg

2018-05-17 14.04.24.jpg

2018-05-17 14.04.35.jpg


Shout Out To Our Dealer


I have to mention we wouldn't have been able to do ANY of this without some serious support from a dealer. Our dealer for this order is Banks Chevrolet in Concord, New Hampshire.


The Sales Manager, Jeremy Chapman, and our Sales Consultant, Jeffrey Lavalley have gone out of their way to answer our detailed questions and work with us to get GM-Trucks.com a sick new project truck. Thank you Banks!

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  • Zane featured this topic
4 minutes ago, irish26 said:

Was there an option for the modular tailgate design? I've seen those on the GMC SLT and Denali photos. I hope Chevy will have them too. 

Nope. The MultiPro Tailgate will be Sierra only for now. 

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I bought my truck at Banks. Have been happy with their service dept so far and the sales staff is mostly solid. The guys washing the trucks after service are (as usual) rather disappointing.


Great dealer overall and the Harley shop next door is pretty solid too!

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9 minutes ago, RyanbabZ71 said:

Is the std bed available yet?

HUD an option? Why didn’t you get it? Love it in my Camaro

Ryan B.

HUD is an option in the LTZ and High Country only.  CWM  Technology Package.


Hope this works. 

2019 silverado build codes.

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While it’s nice to have the first models, I’ll wait a year or 2 before I get a High Country. There is almost always some sort of problems and such. Just my opinion though.

Edited by TheBigGuy
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While it’s nice to have the first models, I’ll wait a year or 2 before I get a High Country. There is almost always some sort of problems and such. Just my opinion though.

I’m with you but with the gmt800 trucks the 99s has significant less problems over the 00/01 model years which I find wierd

Ryan B.
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I’m with you but with the gmt800 trucks the 99s has significant less problems over the 00/01 model years which I find wierd

Ryan B.
Ryan I've heard that statistic about the '99 trucks having less issues was because they still had the GMT400 being manufactured along side the new design. Thus making the "teething" issues on a new design watered down. Not sure if this is true but it makes sense.

Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk

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10 hours ago, RyanbabZ71 said:


I’m with you but with the gmt800 trucks the 99s has significant less problems over the 00/01 model years which I find wierd

Ryan B.

Hopefully I will not jinks myself but my 2002 Silverado I purchased in Nov of 2001.  Only issues with it was the Yoke clunk, Steering linkage clunk and a radio replacement. All covered under warranty.  Since then the only thing to go out was my alternator and fuel pump.  I'm at 180k and still on the original front brakes.

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