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GMC Acadia Scores Higher Than Explorer, Grand Cherokee, Pilot, and Highlander On Key Safety Test

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John Goreham
Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com


In a new round of testing by IIHS, the 2018 GMC Acadia topped all domestic brands and also top-sellers the Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander in an important passenger-side safety test. The Acadia scored Good overall on the small frontal overlap test which simulates the vehicle hitting a pole or another object with just the front corner of the vehicle. The Ford Explorer's airbags malfunctioned and the Jeep Grand Cherokee saw big cabin intrusion due to a weak crash structure. Both scored the lowest possible overall grade.  The GMC Acadia joins the Kia Sorento and VW Atlas in earning the top overall score of Good.


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GM had higher scores than FERD?  Nope..fake news!

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      - I get none of this "dreaded and obnoxious interior drone" the 6.0 is infamously known for, especially with the 40 series installed. Cruising in the city, it's not much louder than the stock muffler even when accelerating. It does drone just a little bit when going up hills or inclines though. (I'd love to have a decent amount of drone)
      - Not impressed by the exterior sound. I had my friend drive it as I stood outside and it was not loud at all, though it did have a nice sound to it. It had more of a moderate volume, sounding more like today's newer trucks with the stock duals that come with them. (I'd love to get a really loud deep rumble with a good amount of aggressiveness.)
      - The guy who did my exhaust seemed to have added 2.25" 40's instead of 2.5" but he stretched the inlet and outlet out to 2.5 inches, but still looks like there's a 2.25" choke point restricting the flow, but I don't know if that has an affect.
      - He welded my tips on weird, welding 10" of the pipe itself inside the tips
      What I'm thinking of doing:
      - Swapping out the 2.5 inch pipes with 3" pipes (I heard pipe diameter and muffler choice really have an affect on volume and tone)
      -Swapping the original 40's for 2 Flowmaster Super 44's
      - Adding an H-pipe 
      - Put the mufflers as close to the cab as possible to increase cab resonance.
      Will the Flowmaster Super 44's and  dual 3" pipes have an effect on volume then what I have already?
      What do you guys think? Let me know!
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