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*update* So I took it back on Sat and they took out all plugs and had to re-gap them I guess. Now the truck is purring as smooth as when I first got it. Thanks again for all your feedback, this forum is a great place for guys like me. 

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I have done numerous plug/wire changes over the years. On more than one occasion I had a faulty new plug, but if it is misfiring a CEL will appear and your scan tool will tell you which cylinder it is. I have also had bad wires new out of the box. Did they change the fuel filter? Edit: good that you figured it out. I wouldn't have though the gap would be a huge concern. Must have been really far out of whack if it was missing. It is vital to have this gap right on 2 stroke and high performance engines. You can get a plug guage tool for about $2 at Autozone.

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