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Power Stop K6560-36 Front & Rear Z36 Brake Kit... Who has it?

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Hey guys, wanted to upgrade the brakes on my 2016 Silverado.

Obviously the Powerstop K6560-36 Front & Rear Z36 Brake kit came up, and seemed to have overall decent reviews, but I wanted to hear from the guys running them currently...

Ups ,downs, and how hard is it to do the rear brakes?


My Silverado unfortunately, suffered from the front inside pads binding / rusting up in the slide cradle and caused my rotors to warp.

I blame North Jersey road salt and the crap winter we had... I drove it around this spring and now its to the point that it needs to be done.

My truck only has 12k miles on her and I don't really want to do brakes every year due to the dam road salt.

So I figured do a full front and rear brake "performance" setup, grease the hell out of the cradles and sliders, and see if that helps, repair this issue from happening again.


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