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Frame wax coating repaired under warranty

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5 hours ago, Rock1500 said:

Do you just apply it over the areas or do you need to prep it first?

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That depends.  If you have the problem described in the TSB, (areas of the wax not sticking to the chassis) GM recommends prepping the surface first.  I just apply the coating directly to the frame (after cleaning) for repairing small areas where the coating has rubbed off, ect..     

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When I bought my '17 last June, I did something that I normally wouldn't do; I paid a bunch of $$ for the undercoating.....('Trucoat'-...LOL). GM dealers here in Ontario sell an undercoating that goes on thick and only semi-dries. It won't come off from driving conditions like many other products do. It goes on right over the wax and doesn't cause any problems with it.

I had to get the installer to do it twice, because they did a poor job the first time. They didn't do much better the 2nd time & I had to show them how to do it properly....... Frustrating..

Later, I also bought some amber body oil & some black gel undercoat from another supplier & did all the interior panels, etc. (that the undercoat installer didn't do properly either).

I also sprayed the black gel over the 'undercoat' to keep it from drying out & also inside all the frame rails, suspension, axles, etc. 

During the winter I try to wash the undercarriage every month or so & again in the spring after the snow melts.

This spring I asked the dealer if I could buy some of the undercoating from them to do touch-ups etc. They sold me a can of it, which goes on a schutz gun. They only charged me $15.00 for the can. I already had a schutz gun at home, so no problem applying it. 
I went over everything this spring again to touch up etc.

After a year, the whole undercarriage still looks like new.

I'll just buy more of the 'Trucoat' from the dealer for future touch-ups.


I figure if I can keep it looking like that for 5-6 years, with a few hours of work each year, the truck will be worth several $'000 more to sell or trade when the time comes. Plus, it looks nice when everything is black and clean in the wheel wells etc. & also is a lot nicer to work on when everything isn't all rusty.

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