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Georgia hands-free cell phone use starts Sunday

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Just to change the law doesn't mean anything.

You have to "hurt" people to make them realize the seriousness of their wrong doing.

Here in BC Canada they caught a few drivers 3 times within 10 blocks and they got away with 500 bucks or something like that.

Considering that (in BC) more people die in traffic caused by distracted driving than by DUI, the fines are way to "moderate". If it was me, I'd impound the car, auction it off and give the money to victims of distracted driving.


so long


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Well, 1 week in, albeit a holiday week, and I think that traffic is flowing noticeably  better. Fewer delays at lights and no nitwits driving below the speed limit with a phone on their ear. 

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Here in Washington State the laws are pretty stiff now, but nobody cares.  Every day I see 75% or more of "drivers" (and I use that term loosely) talking, texting, streaming video, watching the news, movies, whatever.  I hate having to blast my horn to wake up the driver in front of me because they are so deep into a text conversation they haven't noticed the light turned green 30 seconds ago. 


A favorite trick they use is to prop the smart phone up in front of the speedometer so they can watch the morning news while driving on the freeway with a Starbuck's latte in one hand and an egg Mcnuffin in the other.


Nobody cares, they think they are immune to accidents and tickets, and their needs and desires are more important than the safety of others.

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