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Long term update.  I'm at 93k now.  We did a Christmas vacation from FL to TN and took my truck. 75mph+ it has a slight rear-end vibration.  Below that it's smooth.  Comparing my truck now with the balanced shaft and Yukon axles is night and day.  Worth the money IMO.  and I still think some of the vibration I have is due to the high amount of R&P Backlash.  I was going to re-shim it and tighten it up, but Randy's Ring & Pinion talked me out of it as they said it would burn my gear us.  My gears are broken in, unless I replace the gear set, I can't fix the BL. I may swap out the 75/90 gear oil to a 75/140 oil to see if that helps.  What I am sure of is the vibration is worse when it's hot and sunny outside. But my RR axle is leak free to date!!! YAY, I fixed it.  And I know I have good quality axles and my vibration is very livable and only at speeds that get me speeding tickets.  So for me, 60% of my vacation ride was through GA.  And you're not doing 80 MPH down I-75 in GA like you do in FL....  So we cruised around 74mph.  Truck did only about 1mpg worse compare to when we took my wife's Enclave.  Not bad.


I've been toying with the idea of doing an aftermarket driveshaft of sorts.  maybe a 2 piece shaft... 

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