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Longest Lasting? GM Trucks and SUVs Top Lists Of Most Driven Older Vehicles

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Well, it's not exactly the light that decides how well of a job they do - it's GM's pay scale. To be fair, all manufacturers pay using flat-rate - a system that, IMO, encourages speed over thoroughness. I hear and read of the same stories over and over and over again regarding GM dealers. Always multiple trips for the same problem, and sometimes with no fix even at the end of it all after spending THOUSANDS wastefully. Independent repair facilities are MUCH better equipped to handle driveability concerns. Since people don't like to work for free, you'll never get a proper, thorough diagnosis from a dealership.


If the truck isn't covered under any factory warranty, it has no business being at any dealer for repairs. It's just asking for headaches. Independents aren't immune from this kind of "parts cannon"  approach to repairs, but your chances of finding a good one are MUCH higher.

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