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GM MVAC specifically Dryer info needed.

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Recently I got my A/C compressor replaced, no dryer was replaced? red flag!!! I noticed on the warranty paper work that the dryer was not listed, when I asked the service director & dealers team leader in the shop, about why no dryer was installed, I was told is b/c its not needed. I was completely baffled! Keep in mind I was a ASE and Mercedes Benz master certified tech... with a 609 cert. If that means to anyone b/c they kept throwing in my face we have WORLD CLASS MASTER TECHS... just laughed b/c as a Master Tech my self I was like its kind of funny but whateve's. 


looking for GM technical help here about why a dryer is NOT replaced when the system is open especially a compressor replacement. not 100% sure but it appears that the dryer is sold separately from the condenser unless it requires condenser replacement 

any GM techs willing to provide some info..


so I had the grille off, getting access to the bottom of the condenser requires one to R&R the condenser. 



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Recover, replace compressor, evacuate and recharge per GM service info. Just sayin'. I get your concern though. Years ago they offered an inline filter to add in after a replacement, haven't seen them in a long time. The only real concern would be debris and I don't know why your compressor was replaced. The receiver/dryer is serviceable but does require condenser removal.

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The dryer should have been replaced period. I’m sure you know why and all the reasons. Doesn’t matter if it’s automotive HVAC, residential or even commercial HVAC, if you open the system up you replace the dryer. But like tbarn stated, you do as instructed or what GM service info tells you to replace and flag only. I don’t blame the tech but I would bitch at GM customer service care. 

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