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I have a 2013 GMC Sierra and there is absolutely no power at all. The battery is good and the dash lights won’t come on. It won’t click when you turn the key. You can’t even lock the doors. Lights won’t come on when you open the door. Like I said the battery is good and I even tried to jump it just to make sure, but nothing at all. Any help is appreciated. 

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Check the battery terminals. Make sure they are tight and clean. You might check the battery wire on the starter and the main fuse on the firewall.

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    • By schroedj
      I joined this forum while researching an issue I was having with my 2008 Sierra Denali. It has 103,000 miles
      While driving the gauges would sweep and the radio (audio) would go off momentarily. When the gauges came back up to normal and the audio came back on the air bag light would be on and stay on until the next time the truck was turned off. All would be normal again after the truck was started until it happened again. At first it was once every couple of months but at the end it would be every couple minutes.
      There were a couple of theories as to what the problem was including the problem caused by the insulating pad above the SDM and an issue with the BCM. I had the recall done for the insulating pad above the SDM and a dealership checked out the SDM and BCM. Both were functioning correctly.
      I was told at this time that my battery cables had high resistance and this was the cause of my issue. (99.9% sure) Positive cable to the starter, negative cable to engine block and the positive cable from the battery to the fuse box were replacced. This did absolutely nothing.
      Needless to say I returned the truck to the dealership. This time my issue was taken more seriously and I was given a loaner vehicle so they could take the time needed to find and correct the issue.
      After miles of test driving and some input from their GM tech support network, they found that there was a malfunction in the instrument cluster. This was replaced and reprogrammed. I have had no more issues.
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