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New Truck - Another Stereo Topic

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I picked up a new 2018 silverado double cab about a month ago with the 8" radio non bose.  The speakers are not great to say the least.  I have read the topics here and see you can just tap off behind the screen use an LOC and run right to your amplifier.  The issue i keep seeing is that like most modern cars the chimes, blinker, etc are ran off the front speakers.  I do not want to lose them, so i dont want to tap just off the rears.  I also don't want the chimes to be amplified anymore than currently.  I have seen on a post someone stating that in the kick panels gm splits off the dash speaker and the door speakers.  In every stereo system I have ever installed (minimum 20-30 in my lifetime, but its been 10 years) I make sure that no factory wiring is cut and that if the stereo was taken out you would never know.  What i am asking is, does anyone offer a harness that connects down in the kick panels that still allows the factory radio to power the dash speakers, but that i can then take that signal and run it to my amplifier as well as run the output of the amplifier right back to the front door speakers?  

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I looked into this quite a bit as I just recently purchased a Silverado myself and am not enthused with the audio.  The options are limited.  The best I've seen is the AX-DSP for which you need an additional harness.  It has intelligent chime control as well as good dsp features.  But, it is $300 + the T-harness.  There might be a few wires you need to tap into, but you shouldn't have to cut anything.  Note: I'm not 100% sure that harness I linked is the correct one for this vehicle, there's another variant as well.  That should get you on the right track, at least.

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So... The OEM speakers are not as bad as you really think they are. Yes, the OEM system leaves way more than a lot to be desired. I went back and forth in my mind about keeping the OEM radio. I really wanted  some features that just weren't available with out spending a large amount of money to get them. I had a Pioneer AVH-4200NEX that came out of my old truck, so I decided I would pull the trigger and do the swap. All the while planning on changing the speakers. After finishing up the install I ran the Pioneer's Auto EQ  and was amazed how different it sounded vs the OEM. That muddy over exaggerated mid base was gone the highs are clean and clear. I was able to retain the SWC, OEM backup camera, use the OEM SAT antenna and the retain USB in the glove box. Using a Maestro RR also allows you to retain access to all those vehicle features that you normally access through the OEM radio.
You can retain the OEM radio however you are gonna need to run a DSP to correct the audio output from the OEM radio, before running the signal to an amplifier.
Here is what I used for the install.
Dash Kit: Schoshe GM5211B
Harness:  iDatalink Maestro RR and GM3 Harness.
Glove Box USB Retention : Axxess AX-USB-GM1
SAT antenna retention: iDatalink SAT1
Dash USB/HDMI: Icespring USB HDMI Mount Cable





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