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Drive Shaft Vibration 68-78 mph

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I have an issue with my 2018 Chevy 2500.  I bought the truck and put about 3000 miles on it and then added a leveling kit and Toyo 275/65/20 tires.  On smooth asphalt interstates is where I notice the vibration the most.  Concrete interstates it is not very noticeable. Originally we thought it was the Toyo tires and I had 2 replaced.  The dealership failed badly trying to force balance the tires and even told me the two new ones were out of round that ended up not being true at all.  I called Toyo direct and they set me up with one of their premier dealers and they have forced balanced all 4 tires and the ride improved greatly.  I am now just stuck with what feels like the drive shaft vibrating between 68-78 (I am not a mechanic so I may be using the wrong terminology).  The vibration is not very bad but it is definitely there.  I can sometimes feel it when accelerating at interstate speeds also.  You feel the vibration more on the floor board rather than in the seat or the wheel (where I felt it when the tires were out of balance).  Anyone experienced this with their trucks?  I dread taking it back to the dealership for this as they cant even balance tires properly.  Would love to have an idea of what is going on so I can point them in the right direction.

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I’ve had an annoying vibration for a while.  Been into the dealer several times and have been through 4 sets of tires due to them not roadforcing within dealer spec.  My last set was BFG KO2 305/55/20’s that vibrated terribly.  Dealer couldn’t get them even close to spec. Last Friday they put a set of Nitto Terra Grappler G2’s 305/55/20 and the vibration is mostly gone so fingers crossed it stays smooth.  I still notice a very slight vibration that doesn’t seem to show itself until the truck has heated up and been driving for a while but its wayyy better than it was with the original Goodyears, Yokohama Geolandr’s and the KO2’s.  The vibration has always felt to me like its coming from the rear though vs the floor board vibration you described.

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This was more of a common issue with GM trucks years ago (look up Chevy Shake on this forum and on the Duramax Forum) if you are not aware. GM did get better with it, but it still does pop up, as it did with me when I purchased my truck a couple years ago.


My issue ended up being tire related. The stock car-like Goodyears could not be balanced. The dealer warrantied those at about 6K miles and I upgraded to BFG KO2s...which did correct my issue. I'm now almost at 30K and the vibration has not returned. 


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Stock was fine on my 2500 truck, switched to 285 ProComp.. big mistake, couldnt balance out after 4 tries...sold the chrome rims and tires and switched to new black rims and Nitto terra grapplers. Everything good so far

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