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Zane Merva

Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com



We've certainly seen a lot of photos of the all new 2019 Silverado and Sierra. Photos of the interior and photos of the trim packages. Photos on-road and photos off-road. But what we have not seen yet is how the 2019 Silverado and Sierra's new T1XX platform looks mechanically under the surface. Until today. 


GM-Trucks.com has obtained exclusive copies of parts diagrams for the next generation Silverado. From these drawings we can gleam just a little bit more about how the next generation trucks are different from their predecessors. 


Set One: Front Suspension, Differential, Axle, and Driveshaft

Our first batch of drawings show us a few things, mainly the new T1XX front suspension setup (which is similar to the Colorado), a new HD-like front differential, a new rear axle with new yoke, and a new driveshaft setup. 







Set Two: Front and Rear Brake Calipers

Our second batch of drawings show the new 2019 T1XX front and rear calipers (with electronic parking brake). 




Set Three: Engine Blow Out, Dual Exhaust, Cold Air Factory Intake

And our third batch of drawings show what the new L87/L84 looks like blown apart (with individual cylinder deactivation instead of an AFM VLOM). We also see the new dual exhaust and brand new airbox design that draws cool air from the front of the vehicle instead of the side fender. 






 Thanks to our "GM deepthroat" for sending these files our way. Next week we head to Wyoming for our first drive of the 2019 Silverado while our 2019 Silverado LTZ is being shipped to our dealership from the factory. 

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Wow big departure for the front brakes.  Hopefully it cuts down on brake wear/rust issues that the current and former designs are susceptible to. 


Interesting change on the intake.  Aerodynamics?  You close the fender off, that's less air being diverted through it.   


The dual exhaust looks like a really nice setup.  Shame the tips are duds, but I guess that's good? 


Bout time the split case front end died.  HD debuted that style front diff first, Gen 2 Colorado/Canyon have it as well, both before the 1/2 ton.  Should add some welcome front end strength, as evident by VYU plow prep being available on all 1/2 ton cab configs with the 5.3. 

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I think this is proof at least that GM is finally truly changing the Silverado and not relying so much on past platforms.

I like the rectangular dual exhaust tips/bumper area.

Different than Ram and now Ferd's  2019 dual exhaust F150 setup.

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Wow, the rear differential is that bad in the 14-18 trucks that they only used it for 4 years before redesigning it again.  Hopefully this will solve all the manufacturing issues they had with the previous ones.
Just having mine done under power train warranty now... Only 300 miles to 100k... Close one.
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I would be curious to see if the new 2019 bumper would mount up to the 14-18 K2 trucks.

I really like the dual exhaust and rectangular tip/bumper cutout on the new T1's

Only issue might be where the bumper wraps farther around the bed sides.

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23 hours ago, hirdlej said:

Wow, the rear differential is that bad in the 14-18 trucks that they only used it for 4 years before redesigning it again.  Hopefully this will solve all the manufacturing issues they had with the previous ones.

It used to be supplied solely by AAM. Now GM is building their own version in Michigan. That's why it looks different. 

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23 hours ago, hirdlej said:

My 2015 Silverado was so bad I went through 4 rear differentials before I had one that worked (didn't whine) in less than 2300 miles. (no that's not a typo).

First time I've heard of someone going through 4 diffs in the 12 bolt. That's almost as bad as that worthless 10.5" axle Toyota uses in 2nd gen Tundra. 

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On ‎8‎/‎2‎/‎2018 at 10:43 AM, BigBadSierra said:

Are they actually scooping air from the front nose.  That looks more like some sort of ram scoop to catch air from the base of the hood.



The intake air is coming from the front now instead of the fender.

Probably not a Ram Air type of system due to all the jogs and bends to get to the intake itself.

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3 hours ago, Sierra Dan said:

The intake air is coming from the front now instead of the fender.

Probably not a Ram Air type of system due to all the jogs and bends to get to the intake itself.

It  will for sure grab more air then a pip just facing down..

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      2019 Silverado high country truck with a gentle 42,000 miles…. Babied.
      Shift to park message displayed, was difficult to get the massage and the “dining” to go away.
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