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    • By Vector603
      New to GM lineup... Coming from another brand (Ford with Sync) I was used to receiving semi-regular updates for the software... Does GM put out updates for Intellink? If they do is this something that only dealers can update? I looked on the GM owners sight and couldn't find any info.

    • By mdr004
      I purchased my truck in February of 2016, and used Apple CarPlay from day one, and never had an issue. Fast forward two years to an Android phone. I plug in, expecting the same easy set up as my work truck (2018 Silverado), and nothing happens. I was confused, as I remember when I bought the truck it was advertised as supporting Apple Carplay/Android Auto. After checking through several forums and MyLink version numbers, I realized it needed an update. Called the dealer and set an appointment, but when I arrived, I was told this was a "customer pay" update, (if I remember correctly, as of April 2017?) and it would cost me  ≈$50 to regain the functionality I purchased with the truck. Anyone else have this issue, and if so, what was the result? 
    • By mviinc
      I wanted to let everyone know about a new product we are now offering for the I0B work truck vehicles. We can now offer a navigation solution to these vehicles and at the same time give you the ability to add more camera functionality and HDMI input for video solutions.
      This particular vehicle has been somewhat ignored by most manufactures out there as far as solutions go, but I think you find this one to be pretty slick. What I have really noticed about the I0B system is that the screen resolution and clarity is WAY better than the 8" touchscreen (in my opinion). This not only opens up a whole world of new opportunity for the I03 trucks, but it now gives the current I0B user more possibility.
      I'm eager to get some feed back and what everyone's thoughts are on this. As usual, I wont be in here a ton, but I will make a point to try and check in at least once a day for a while to participate and answer questions.
      This first video was made kind of on the fly and with very little time, however it does show the new pieces capability's. I'm really hoping to get a more detailed video put together in the next couple weeks showing more.
      As always...please feel free to TEXT me with any questions. 919-995-9523
    • By frankstallone
      I have a 2016 GMC Sierra capable of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay and have been playing with CarPlay now for a little while. Yesterday I borrowed a friends used Android to test Android Auto. I'd be interested in your opinions and I will share my experience.
      I have had iPhones for years now. I am deep in the eco-system as my home and work computers are also OSX. Switching is a daunting thought considering my iCloud Contacts are well curated and my Google Contacts are like the wild wild west. I digress.
      Generally I have some gripes. CarPlay and Android both require USB and Bluetooth connection to the head unit which is confusing, is USB not enough? I doesn't seem like I could, for instance, connect a secondary Android device for Android Auto that is connected to WiFi via my phone or the car's 4G connect, and have my iPhone connected to the Bluetooth for Siri or even just for phone calls. I would be completely fine with sacrificing the Siri integration from the iPhone if I could get bluetooth audio for phone calls. Maybe I am not doing it right, if you have figured that out let me know. The touch screen is great for a truck head unit. I don't expect anything near what one would get on a new smartphone and I have heard the processor on this newer head unit is faster than the older models which is much appreciated when navigating interfaces. Also, the audio quality for phone calls is superb. Coming from a few year older GTI, people that don't even know I've upgraded don't ever notice I am on the road talking to them anymore. Spot on.
      After playing with CarPlay I can say that Apple Maps is much nicer to look at than the standard navigation. Apple hasn't convinced me that it's Maps application is ready for the prime time though. IMHO after reading countless articles and having iPhones back when Google Maps was default -- they never should have gotten into the Maps game. That is arguable, and should, theoretically, get better as they are in development of a car. Phone integration with Siri is fantastic as well. Spotify on CarPlay is a delight to look at. Again miles away from the Media interface on the IntelliLink.
      Android auto -- wow. Whereas it's obvious Apple too the iOS idea with big icons -- and it works on the head unit -- it looks like Google went from the ground up. They took their material design philosophy and applied it to the head unit interface. I have to say it is impressive. Overall the user interface is gorgeous to look at. Navigating around to the different areas, Music, Navigation is a breeze. Ok Google mic is always in the top right corner. Icons are clear. Minimal buttons when not needed. Intuitive controls. If it sounds like I am not giving Apple credit here, they have a system and it works. It's worked for years on my phone so I get that. This is my first intro into the new design of Google's apps and I have to say I am staggered. Google maps on the IntelliLink is a marvel. Incredibly smooth. Design refined over years of Google Maps owning (IMHO) the directions arena.
      My conundrum is with the whole USB/Bluetooth situation. Android Auto for certain does not work unless you have it connected via USB & bluetooth. Therefore it's not like I can keep an older Android without a cellular plan in the glove box just for Android Auto and still have any integration with the iPhone 6S. That is a huge bummer. I would have no issue buying even a used Android with a cracked screen since I don't need the screen. I'm in a touch position here because of how nested I am in the Apple world and how attractive having Google Maps on that 8" screen. I don't think there is anything else better to look at on that screen.
      What is your experience? Have I missed anything?
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