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    • By Shane Davison
      Having issues with booth the Carplay function and Buetooth software in 2016 Silverado Z71.  Started with the Carplay function no longer connecting. The carplay app no longer shows on the MyLink display screen nor does the vehicle mylink connection show on the iphone 8 plus device. The phone does an endless search for a vehicle with carplay..  Have tried new IOS USB cable and still no connection.  The voice activation feature works when connected but only for phone calls.  No other media or apps within the iphone show on the Mylink display screen.
      Then the automatic bluetooth concection stopped.  Once the bluetooth automatic connection stopped all music and other media source from the iphone stopped.. I can manually delete the bluetooth connection and manually connect each time i enter and start the vehicle.There is on iphone option as a media choice on the menu with in the MyLink system.  I have been to the dealer twice and they tell me its my iphone with out checking the mylink softwared or checking of updates.    
      I have reset and disconnected all mylink features and bluetooth connections in the Iphone. i have done a network reset on the iphone.  I have reset or rebooted everything I can with in the iphon except for a hard reset which will completely reset the iphone back to original settings.   I have been to the Apple store and had them double check if there is any issues with the Iphone.  All software is up to date there are no restrictions set on the iphone side.  
      I have searched the internet for nay issues with Iphone and MyLink software.   There have been some connectioning issues since the last IOS 12 update,  I have done everything suggested to resolve these issues to no avial. It has to be an issue with the MyLink software.
      Was hoping someone has a solution or suggestion before returning to the dealership.  
    • By LBtrw
      Hey everyone,
      I've been meaning to post my experiences with Android Auto in my 19 trail boss. I have a Pixel 2 XL phone running the latest version of Android OS (v.9 with Dec. security patch) along with the latest version of Android Auto (v.3.8.584564). I also have the latest version of Chevy Mylink installed on my truck.
      So I have been experiencing random android auto app closes while listing to Spotify or using Google Maps for navigation. I have tried troubleshooting the problem by switching usb cables, which I am using type c, wiping my "managed cars" from within android auto, I also have tried factory resetting my phone completely without restoring from a backup. Some days are better then others for how long the app will display without randomly closing. When this problem does occur I can usually just select "Android Auto" on Mylink and the app will launch again, sometimes. I wasn't sure if there are any other daily Android Auto users out there having the same trouble as me on their trail boss?
      *Edit: I also experience audio issues in AA every now and again. I will plug my phone in and play a song through Spotify using AA and the audio's volume will be lower then the FM radio. I've tried making the adjustments using my phone's volume buttons but it doesn't result in a change through Mylink. I unplug the USB cable and plug it back in and like magic the audio is much louder.
      I'll update my post with additional when I get the chance. I appreciate any thoughts or solutions.
    • By Suresh
      I have a 2015 GMC Sierra Denali 1500.  The truck has factory installed radio, navigation, touch screen etc.  I am told I already have the I06 module, so why don't I have carplay?  And why do I have to buy another I06 to add carplay?  can't I just do a software update?
    • By Vector603
      New to GM lineup... Coming from another brand (Ford with Sync) I was used to receiving semi-regular updates for the software... Does GM put out updates for Intellink? If they do is this something that only dealers can update? I looked on the GM owners sight and couldn't find any info.

    • By mdr004
      I purchased my truck in February of 2016, and used Apple CarPlay from day one, and never had an issue. Fast forward two years to an Android phone. I plug in, expecting the same easy set up as my work truck (2018 Silverado), and nothing happens. I was confused, as I remember when I bought the truck it was advertised as supporting Apple Carplay/Android Auto. After checking through several forums and MyLink version numbers, I realized it needed an update. Called the dealer and set an appointment, but when I arrived, I was told this was a "customer pay" update, (if I remember correctly, as of April 2017?) and it would cost me  ≈$50 to regain the functionality I purchased with the truck. Anyone else have this issue, and if so, what was the result? 
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