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Love my Iridescent Pearl paint, terrified of chips. Best way to protect?

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I've seen a few Tesla's in full coverage 3M. Nice! I have the hood front, fender fronts, door handle areas, door edges and sills done. 73K miles and perfect everywhere the film is. I've fixed several chips where it isn't. I have to say that many are in areas that make you wonder how they can even get chipped there. 

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Got the film installed today. Overall I'm pretty happy. The installers even found a few chips I'd already gotten that they wanted to point out before applying the film. I didn't have touch up paint so they filled them in with what they had. Chips we're really tiny so you can't really see anything now unless you specifically look for it.

Really, only minor let down was that the film comes up short on the edges. Especially the leading edge of the hood and roof. I'd really prefer to have the film wrap those edges as that's where I've had chips in the past

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