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Back in January I had the ABS light coming on and the brake booster kicking in at low speeds or when beginning to stop, changed the front ABS speed sensors and solved problem. Now at highway speed of 60 mph or greater the abs light comes on and the alarm dinger that is identical to the buckle seat alarm comes on goes off a few miles later it comes again. It usually has to be driven about 6 to 8 miles before this cycle begins.  Can anyone help me diagnose this problem? My mechanic put his computer on it and it's not throwing a code and it has us puzzled.

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I posted original photo then photo after I marked it up couldn’t get any good ones of the bolt on back of block I’ll try again though if this doesn’t help

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Ok thank you for posting I'll let you know how it goes!


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I’m glad I could help brother mine had me so frustrated that I couldn’t think straight i was loosing sleep and about to throw a bunch of money at it I got lucky and noticed a wire not in it place under the hood it was even at night with a drop light glowing just right evidently but I am ocd about my whip so I’m always cleaning inside and out under the truck under the hood so when something is amiss Im usually on top of it.  I’ve been wondering how it worked for you glad it worked before you threw a pile of money at it have a great afternoon 

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    • By 6.2Midnight
      I have a 2017 with a 6" lift, that was installed 2 months ago, the rest of the details are to the left of the page, or in my build page in my sig. While towing a '87 Chevy home from Alabama the past weekend, I got a few codes all at once. I will try to be as detailed as I can, to help keep the guessing and questioning to a minimum.
      The codes are as follows;
      And the ABS light is on
      During all of this, I noticed that the Traction control switch down by the console stays unlit, meaning you can not turn it on or off (is that standard when towing, so it does not read the trailer and drive you nuts?). More issues while this is happening, I have no Cruise Control, the trailer lights work, the trailer brakes work as well.
      We pulled over to check it out, we did notice that the ABS wiring has worn the wax coating off the frame, but has not chaffed the wires at all on either side up front. I shut the truck off for about 4 minutes, the codes went away (I wiggled the wires to see if I could get the codes to come back, didn't happen), but returned a couple miles or so down the road. We checked the trailer plug, it is fine. We were driving at 80mph, the road was "wavy" not pot holes. They all came back again, reset the codes again, drove gain on very flat ground, they came back again. So, I drove a few hundred miles that way, while we both were thinking of possibilities in our heads. This all repeated again later on. We got to Michigan, stopped for gas, reset the codes, they did not come back for the next 40 minutes while on flat roads (dropped truck off at my buddy's house). When I went to leave, I backed down his driveway with the trailer still on (about150 yards or so), no codes, put it in drive, and almost instantly they came back. I drove to a bank, sat there, reset the codes, unplugged the trailer to start eliminating possibilities. I started to drive to my house (2 1/2 hours away), got about two miles with no codes, there they are again... so, I plugged the trailer back in, so I would at least have lights, and brakes. On the way home I noticed that my volt meter way down near nine, it is usually around 14. Later on during the drive, it came back to 14. By unplugging the trailer, and the codes came back, I know it has nothing to do with the trailer electrically.
      I know there are a few possibilities of what it could be, and there is a lot of information here.
      1) Driving 80 mph on the highway while towing makes the truck rise and return much more than it normally would, like a boat on water. The 6" lift could be causing the wires to intermittently lose connection, but it did it when wavy, or completely flat roads as well.
      2) Is this related to the TC switch, meaning it is the main issue? (Probably not)
      3) is it the ground by the speaker in the dash on the drives side? Don't know yet. (my buddy found that searching for a possibility while I was driving in Ohio)
      4) Or is it just as simple as I can blame it on Ohio? It started while I was driving there, and we all know how Ohio is...
      I'm going to drive around today without the trailer attached to see what happens. My money says it going to come back, but, why does it even say service trailer?
    • By roadrage201
      I've got a 2012 Silverado 1500 Z71 and I'm disgusted with it. The trouble started when my 4wd would not go into 4 Auto and would barely shift into 2hi and 2lo. I received a "service four wheel drive" display. My local shop pulled the code that basically said the front differential actuator was faulty. I cant remember the exact code.. anyway, I changed the actuator (very easy fix...I thought). The problem persisted. Now, I'm not sure what prompted me to do this, but I pulled the encoder motor from the transfer case. As I was doing  this, the motor bumped into the t case and arced. This is when the lights on the 4wd knob went out. So, after that I bought a new encoder motor. I also replaced the TREC fuse. It had popped, I'm guessing, when the arc occurred. Now, after all this, not ONLY is my 4wd auto STILL not working, but my dash is lit up with the same "service 4wd system", but also the "service trailer brake system", brake light and traction control light. I got the codes read again, and it is displaying U0121, Cannot communicate with ABS controller. I have inspected the ABS controller connection for corrosion and loose fitting as well as checked ALL fuses. I tested the grounds and hot wire pins. I also tested and cleaned the chassis ground connection on the frame. All good. I suspect that the OBD2 needs to be reset but I'm not sure.  Anyone have any suggestions?
    • By tndenaliquad
      hey, im a first timer to this site/forum. Have just started receiving an audible and the dash light only when I turn to the left at slow speeds, such as parking, backing...parking a hard left , even got some brake peddle vibration ive heard EBCM grounds... speed sensors..ABS pump. we just had A big ole snow in tri-cities TN. and all the sudden this ABS light, and alarm started coming on , but just turning to the left like I said, weird.. are the grounds dirty/ salted up? why so sudden? all good before driving in nasty weather. brakes work fine.but the just turning to the left thing before I get an alarm is puzzling. any help? thanks!
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