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'16 Sierra Denali brake pad life sux...or does it?

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Hey guys,


I have a 2016 Sierra Denali Crew Cab with the short bed and I've owned this truck from brand new for a little over two years now and have completed a little over 18,000 miles. I have a 6.2L motor in it with a 2.9L Whipple supercharger sitting right on top.


The problem I'm facing is that it's been only two years and 18,000 miles on this truck and I have already had to change the front brake pads twice. Once at 9000 miles and the second time now at 18,000 miles. Now I know many of you may say that it's wearing out quick because of the hard braking of all the supercharged force, however I promise you...I do not drive like a lunatic, I barely race and the blower is often used in a straight line where I let the truck slow down on its own. I almost have never used my brakes when pushing the vehicle. I always made sure that I am on a long enough open and quiet stretch of road. In fact, I didn't even have a blower on for the first 6,000 miles.


Is it normal for my pads to wear out this quick?


I mean I don't even feel a thing, as in I don't feel any brake fade or any vibration or any form of braking power loss. It's always perfectly fine, however whenever I've taken it in for a scheduled service (6,000 miles and then now at 18,000 miles), my dealership tells me "You have 1mm or 3mm left on your brakes left" and I just don't understand how because as I said, the brakes as far as I am concerned feel perfectly fine. A friend of mine owns a regular cab with a blown 5.3L motor and he abuses his truck to world's end and yet his brakes lasted him 25,000 miles and then recently again he changed at a mileage of 50,000 miles (We bought our trucks at the same time and more or less modified the same mods around the same period too).


Is it because my truck is significantly larger and heavier than his or are the brakes pads for Denalis just crap OR is my dealership taking me for a ride...??


I look forward to your feedback...


Best regards and thanks in advance for your feedback.

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If I understand you correctly you are not checking the brakes yourself.

Did any of your previously owned vehicles go through bakes this fast?

So at 6 k miles and 18 k miles you didn't question the dealer?

The dealer maybe taking advantage of you.

They see a blown, modified vehicle and look for a way to make money off it.

Hate to say it but I thing you've been had.

My factory brakes are still good at 64 k miles.

Checked by me recently.

My wife is hard on brakes and I still get 35-40 K miles from a set of front premium pads on her car.







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My 15 Sierra has 73000 on OEM pass and rotors. Check out great every time the dealer does an oil change or inspection. I with the others who think you’ve been had. I’d ask to see the pads they are inspecting while the truck is in the air and have them measure them while your there watching.

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OP, just to rule out your dealership, after a normal  drive when you've only used your brakes a moderate amount, feel the front wheels to see how warm or hot they feel in comparison to the rear wheels, shouldn't be much of a difference. If there is I would suspect the front pads are dragging for some reason, maybe something wrong with the ABS or traction control from the factory that wouldn't be readily apparent with a normal pad replacement. I take it with the addition of the SC your bumper to bumper warranty was basically null and void and your were on your own $ wise for the replacement pads.

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