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A/C Compressor Clutch, Bearing, or all the above?

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4 hours ago, sefiroxx said:

Lately, with the availability of limited lifetime warranty parts from the various marked up bricks and mortar - I have opted for full replace.

To get full warranty, you will also need to replace the driver and orifice. (When a compressor fails, it has a tendency to intent pieces into the system). To minimize the likelihood of another failure, you'll want to flush the system of any pieces that might stuck to the walls.

Thank you for the info! Did you end up replacing your entire compressor on your own? 

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Ok so the compressor definitely needs replaced as it is locked up. 


I am having a master ASE mechanic replace it. I told him that the dual climate zone trucks can be finnicky when choosing the correct compressor model. Hopefully all turns out well! He estimated around $120 in labor to replace compressor and tensioner. Accumulator and such will also be replaced I assume.


Will update as I learn more.

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