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17',18' Max Tow Package 9200-9600lbs daily???

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Ok guys and girls, getting into food trailer business and 22ft trailer will weigh between 9200lbs and 9600lbs.  daily we will be traveling to surrounding counties ,typically bout 30 miles away on average and im trying to decide which truck is better value 


ok here are some pros and cons that i can think of


6.2L MTP pros:

HP & TQ greater than 6.0L

gas cheaper

used prices cheaper

more options in aftermarket 

will tow 12,500 

shorter than 2500 -space could be an issue


6.2L MTP cons:

will need airbag system for sustained heavier towing

resale lower


2500 duramax pros:

will tow with ease

resale value sustained


2500 duramax cons:

used prices still astronomical

fuel prices higher

repair cost higher

longer than 1/2 ton  


i know the duramax will do way more than i need but is it worth the extra money and will the 1/2 max tow package with 6.2L be durable enough to tow that much weight on a daily basis? ive been told that adding the air ride helper system is almost a must if i choose the 1/2 ton . what is yalls opinion?


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I agree that a 6.0 gas 2500 sounds like your best option.  This would be my first choice.  My second choice would be the 1500 with the max tow package. (NHT)  A 5.3 with the 3.73 would tow your trailer with ease and burns regular gas. 

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If you keep up on maintenance you could do well with the half ton, but I agree with the others. The half ton is more for the weekend warrior who tugs his toys to the lake or the maximum camper. HD trucks are built for work and lots of it

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So many people buy heavy duties just because they want to have the biggest, baddest truck they can get. Well you are a genuine candidate for a heavy duty. No way in hell I would tow that amount of weight regularly with a half ton. A couple times a year, sure. But not daily.


It's not just power. All 1/2 tons nowadays have more than enough power to pull that weight. As others have said, it's the other beefed up components that the HD's have that will make the truck shine. Frame, suspension, brakes, etc.

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Get the HD, that trailer will push the light duty truck around and beat the crap out of it using it on a daily basis like that....


I'd pay the $$ for the Dmax over the 6.0 myself...

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Half tons nowadays are built light duty. Yes the frames are fully boxed and stronger than c channel frames of gmt800 and before. But ball joints, electric steering, tie rods, axles are all light duty. 


‘My 97 k1500 with 220k has original 4l60e and 350 vortec. Ball joints are original as well. I look under my 2018 and besides the frame, the chassis components are definitely appear lighter duty. 


Like others have said, weekend warrior. NHT Max tow will do it and without much complaint. But daily, work truck, get a 2500 gas if it’s a bargain. If you can find a nice duramax that isn’t 20k more than the gas go duramax. 



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I don't know what your profits are in the food truck business but I'd say opt for the 6.0 HD, you can run that thing to the ground and it'll still keep going, and should be fairly cheap to operate.


If you have the money for adding operating costs, then sure Duramax why not.

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Assuming your not pulling mountain grades daily the 6.0 all day the Dirty Max would be great if you where actually traveling with your trailer or were idling for hours at a time. The added expense of running/maintaining a diesel will never pay for itself just doing 100ish miles a day. Take a look around at your local contractors, fleet truck businesses, ect you’ll notice 90% of their fleets are gassers and most will be 3/4 tons whether or not they use them for towing/hauling. There’s a reason for this and it’s their bottom line cheaper to operate/maintain and less downtime. My 3/4 is old enuff it still has the 4L80e not the Allison with the 4.10 rear gear. Can do 80mph+ all day long empty and pull 10k behind it with ease. The 4.10 really helps get you moving off the line when loaded as opposed to the 3.73 and is worth a mile or two of MPGs IMO. Obviously with a 1/2 ton or a Dmax your unloaded MPGs will be better but since I’m guessing most of your miles will be pulling I’d bet all 3 combos will be very similar MPG wise anyway. 

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