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2019 Colorado Configuration to Over $50,000

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I ran across this for you Colorado fans.

I did not dive into the configurations, but as the title suggests you can run a Colorado up over 50k

This is NUTS for a " Mid-Sized " Truck.

You can get a discounted Full size Silverado for less than this. Yes its a bigger truck but it is insane that smaller trucks are pushing 50k.

Then again, it is NUTS that full size trucks are hitting the 70k mark (2019 High Country and Denali).

Anyway, Enjoy! :thumbs:




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Maybe that's what you want, and are willing to pay for it.  That's fine. 


But, in my experience, if you try to actually buy that, the salesman will try to make you feel like an idiot for not just getting a Silverado.  I was pricing out a 2017 Colorado Z71 CCLB, and the salesman basically had nothing good to say about the truck.  He just kept going on about how much of a better deal the Silverado was.  When it was time for me to actually buy a new truck I did buy a full size, but not from that dealership.


Even the best salesman will at least mention that for the pricing of a high end Colorado you can get a nice, discounted Silverado.  It's a fact a buyer should be aware of. 



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Colorado is a great truck.  22k on mine, I went from full size to Colorado.  No regrets.  First gen Colorado was a big meh. 


You can get a Taco and the new Ranger up to those #s as well though.  The day people stop clamoring for trucks is the day the prices drop.  Don't see that happening anytime soon.  Remember too, its fully loaded or a special package that's loaded at that price.  50k in a full size you're getting an LT with a couple option packages. 



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50K for a small " mid-size" truck where you have to manually open and close your rear window....  No thanks.

Not to mention no power sunroof option. For 50K, I would like both. :thumbs:

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On ‎9‎/‎5‎/‎2018 at 9:38 PM, Sierra Dan said:

I would have a Colorado, but need the extra space on longer trips with the family.

The ZR2 is a sweet ride.

Newdude.... Is DEF required in your Colorado.

Or in all Diesel engines these days?



Yes.  Even the Equinox and Cruze diesels require DEF.  They go further than the full size trucks typically do.  I hit the 1000mi countdown and let it go to maybe 600mi left, went almost 8000 miles.  I filled it up, took 4.9 gallons or so.  Tank holds a tad over 5.   

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In early April 2019, a family member just got a NEW 2019 Ford F-150 XL 5.0 10-speed with trailer pkg, chrome pkg, convenience pkg plus more for 39K plus tax/license/registration.  His 2018 Canyon had so many transmission problems he went through buy-back, paid cash for the F-150 and had money left over.

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