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Out side air warm but cold on recirculate?

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Not sure if I'm posting this in the right thread but mabey y'all can help me. I recently bought a 08' Silverado from a guy that had it since he bought it brand new and the last two years he had it he had to press the recerculate button to get cold air because the fresh air came out warm , any ideas?

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    • By Elijah Paul
      hi everyone,
      ive looked high and low with no luck, so apologies of this is directly cited somewhere.

      The plastic grooves/housing where the blower motor twists into place under the glove box, are brittle and broken. Therefore, my blower fan will not stay in place.
      Is that plastic housing or assembly core sold as a stand alone part? Trying to figure out a way to get the blower motor secured without duct tape or something else.
    • By JustRangerThings
      Morning y'all! Is there a kit i can purchase to convert from r12 to r134a? I tried the little autozone kits and they do not fit my truck. Its a 1992 C1500 with the TBI 350 (5.7)
    • By ItBlowsHotAir
      Hello Guys,
      The other day I got in my truck and no AC (at least the first time I noticed). Today I took a look at my condenser throught the grill and saw the attached picture.... can someone please chime in and tell me if that is a leak or the row in the condendser is designed to have that gap.
      Looks to me to be the source of my leak, but I have no idea how that would have happened and it looks like it would have taken a signficant event to cause that. This is on the passenger side.

    • By Blanz
      UPDATE: Link for the transmission shudder issue from GM techlink publication. 
      Well its been only four months and 2,300 miles and I'm already at the dealership service department with two major issues.
      1) AC stopped blowing cold air a few days ago, WTF!
      2) I've have the infamous 8-speed transmission shudder from takeoff to second gear since day one.
      Here's the news I got from the service department today:
      The AC system is leaking at the evaporator and the console and the entire dash will have to be removed to replace the evaporator coil. 
      For the transmission issue, they have a TSB that has them flushing out the transmission and Torque Converter and replacing with a Mobil 1 product (was hoping for a software update but no luck there).
      Best part (sarcasm here) is they have asked me to take back possession of the truck until July 9th before they can get to both issues!
      I cannot imagine the amount of broken plastic clips I'm going to wind up with once they get the dash back in. 
      Really GM!!!
      Oh my ache'n ass!
      More to follow...
    • By B_Faja
      Desperate for help! Long-time lurker...
      I have a '15 Sierra 5.3L with some A/C problems and I can't take the heat! Last summer it wouldn't hold any refrigerant and I didn't fix it right away because I would be gone overseas for 9 months. When I got back, I replaced the infamous condenser that displayed huge amounts of leakage in the same upper right corner. Pulled a vacuum, charged it, PAG oil, etc... it worked perfectly for about 5 months. NOW.... out of nowhere, it's blowing hot air again. I hooked up gauges and initially before doing anything else it showed 100PSI on the low and 150PSI on the high with the compressor refusing to engage. I've replaced the pressure sensor hoping for a cheap fix to no success. Pulled a vacuum (vacuum held for 15 minutes) and attempted to refill, but the compressor refuses to engage. Upon starting the engine the clutch face looks like it is engaging and stops after a few seconds. With the A/C on, the clutch face IS magnetized and seems like it is attempting to engage spinning slowly and making half turns every so often. It doesn't make any weird noises and is free spinning while "engaged". I have read about trying to jump the clutch coil directly with battery power to see if it engages, but I don't know if there is an easier way (i.e. relay) than reaching down to the harness on the compressor.
      Do I need a new compressor? Or a new clutch? Or can someone smarter than me tell me what I'm doing wrong haha
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