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John Addy

service Traction Control" And "service Stability Track

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I have searched thru the forum for this in the title for a 2011 GMC Sierra 1500.  This just came on tonight on my 2011 GMC,   I just bought the truck an about to make my second payment.  I have seen a few things people was saying about different things they have done to fix the issue.  Has anyone actually found anything that will work. 


As of now the truck isn't loosen power or anything anything funny ( knock on wood )


Thank you for any help


John Addy

Sgt / USMC


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Had the same issue with my 2012 Sierra (the messages showed intermittently over a few weeks before I took it in to the dealer). After an hour or two in the shop, I was informed the problem stemmed from a faulty steering wheel computer component, which had to be replaced to solve the issue. And, of course the way the components are crammed under the hood, I was also informed that the steering wheel would have to be removed to accomplish the task (the engineers who design and build, obviously don't have to repair).


Back a week or so later for an all-day event (and a gazillion dollars) and the problem is solved. Hopefully, yours won't be the same.



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