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On 1/16/2021 at 9:27 AM, Duramaxsky said:

Are the bulbs replaceable? In my 03 Duramax I got much brighter LEDs to replace the incandescent bulbs. It made a huge difference. I then got the same type that fit the mirror in my C6 Vette. It really sucks because being a convertible it only has the mirror lights. No place for a center light in a fabric top. That made a huge difference too but it still sucks. The one in the center of the roof in the 2020 puts out about the same light as a birthday candle behind a coke bottle. That's the one I would upgrade. The front ones would be a problem if you need a map light while driving. They would reflect off the windshield. They can't even be aimed. On the old truck the mirror lights and center light come on together so I upgraded them. The map lights are separate and can be aimed. That made more sense. I don't like that the map lights are part of the courtesy lights. Even on big trucks they are separate. Most have 2 on each side. One clear and one red to prevent reflection. Normally in one fixture on either side of the courtesy light. The courtesy light operates the way our map lights do when you push the lense. But GM went cheap on these trucks and made them dual purpose.

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They aren't replaceable unfortunately, at least not without considerable effort. no where near worth it.

These are the map lights

20201118 173143 173143_v1.jpg


but there are other options.



20201118 182147 182147_v1.jpg


20201118 195051 195051_v1.jpg


20201118 195105 195105_v1.jpg


info here:


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On 10/24/2018 at 7:16 AM, GeneJock said:

Two Things learned - 


Gap Setting confusion - Came out of a 2015 Suburban with adaptive cruise control (hated it most of the time) and found the same settings on my HC, so figured it was adaptive cruise control given all the other "safety" features in the High Country package. Nope, no real idea what it does, but sure isn't anything to do with adaptive cruise control. 



Apple CarPlay and navigation - the HUD and Driver Information Screen will only show navigation when using the onboard navigation but not with when using Apple CarPlay (Assume Google is the same) That's too bad. I tried to "trick" it by using both but engaging one navigation will cancel the other. 

You can display WAZE and Apple maps for GPS on the screen if you use car play.   You just need to "give permissions" on the phone to "share" with the screen in the truck.   EASY.  Honest.   You can call Apple while ion truck and they will walk you through.   LOVE this feature.  I also use it on the Harley.   (Harley GPS SUCKS!)

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