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2006 Tahoe Oil Life Partial Reset

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I've tried searching for this, but came up empty so far. So I'm hoping someone may have seen or heard of this one.

For years my 06 Tahoe Z71 4WD 5.3, would properly reset the oil life back to 100%. Now for the last 2 oil changes it has decided that it doesn't want to. On the previous reset attempt it would only reset to 82%.
On the most recent Oil Change it only reset to 52%. This isn't really a big problem just quite odd.
I did note that when it only reset to 82% that it still took the same 10K or so miles to get down to 0%.

Of course when it didn't fully reset the first time I reset it several times all going to only 82%. Now that it's only resetting to 52% I'll have to see how it does.

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You can always try disconnecting the battery and see if that helps.  Other wise if it will not fully reset, which is odd, you might have to take it to the dealer if you want it fixed or just live with it.  Since it isn't really anything major and you follow the mileage anyway then leaving it would be my choice. I know it sucks but it isn't worth the cost to fix something so small, at least to me it isn't. 

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What method of reseting the oil life are you using? Try the manual method if you already havent turn key to key on engine off three times then hit the gas pedal to the floor 3 times within five seconds turn key back to off and start it and check. Sometimes takes me up to three times for it to work but mines a dinosaur (99 5.3)

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I'll try the battery disconnect procedure, but I don't think that will effect this problem. 


Yes, I'm doing the peddle pump method.   and it worked, to some extent, it went from 0% to 52%. So it took the command, just didn't fully reset. 


However off base this may be, and this is just a thought on my part with no basis on service information or anything else of the sort.

I sort of thinking that it may be indicating a looming problem in the ECM such as an CMOS battery that is going down, and the reset is maxing out at the battery voltage.

Of course I don't even know if it has a CMOS battery in the ECM. But that's the thought that popped into my head.  It's not unlike GM to use one indicator to indicate more than one thing.

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  • 2 years later...

I'm sure others will see this sooner or later.. But it wasn't long before the Engine Oil life will only reset to 0%. Yes it does indicate that it is doing the reset.

In my way of thinking as a Electronics person, I'm thinking that GM is actually using a super cap, or something similar and discharging it at a controlled rate to give the "Oil Life" and that that device has failed. Now of course the question would then be were is the engine oil life number generated. Most likely in the ECM, but could be the BCM, or someplace else.  Seems no one knows where this comes from.


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