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Has anyone use the OTC 6494 Clamshell style spring compressor to take apart the coil overs in the front? I have read a ton that the chinsey auto parts stores style are not safe and I would agree. Ive used them on lighter duty Mcphereson's and they still scared the crap out of me.

I am wondering if the OTC one is strong enough or someone can say yay or nay on it?


Heres a link to what I am talking about.

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I used the ones from oreilly. Worked fine for me. I had problems finding a shop that was either able to do it without me leaving the parts for a day or two or would do it at all because of liability concerns.

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The OTC spring compressor looks nice for under $200 - especially if you'll use it in the future or have buddies that will benefit.


I've use the junk ones from my local parts store 8-10 times on various vehicles and never had an issue. *I'm sure to inspect the threads prior to leaving the store - nothing worse than getting a strut halfway apart and having the compressor get hungup.

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I find myself having super anxiety with things that are under immense pressure, like a compressor that is coming up to180 PSI for the first time in 15+ years, I could not stand in the same room as it haha. And Coil springs.

I asked around and everyone wants more than I could just buy the compressor for. and honestly I enjoy doing the work myself, I just want to find the proper tool to do the job. Especially with coil springs that could kill me :0 The Labor time from the stealership is about 3.5 hours to replace the coilovers... so that's about $350 at $98 an hour. OUCH.... I found a New old stock OTC compressor on ebay for $125 so I nabbed that up. 

I look at tools like an investment, And this is a double benefit.. paying less than i was quoted AND i'll have the compressor for future use. Seems like all of the Males in my immediate family have the NBS trucks so I'm sure it'll come in handy later.


Now I have all the parts... just waiting on that bugger to come in!

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The OTC has more negative reviews than the simple McPherson style so i just rented the McPherson style and worked perfectly for the 5100 style. One main complaint about the OTC was how narrow the hooks are. Apparently they don’t accept a real wide spring.

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