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GM Recommends 5W-30 for L83 & L86

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When GM Powertrain supplies L83 and L86 engines to OEMs (for marine, industrial or recreational use) they include “conservative” recommendations about how to service and maintain the engine. In their literature, they recommend a starting point of Dexos 5W-30 for the engine.


It should be noted that the OEM has the final responsibility to choose what service and maintenance is appropriate for their final product. For example, one marine engine OEM recommends 15W-40 when temps are above 50*F and 5W-30 when temps are below 50*F.


**Mind Blown**

IMG_6408.thumb.PNG.83e12cb49e0dcdf7ccab5bd92bb86245.PNG There’s also a lot of other really interesting info in this document.




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Political bs. Cars and trucks for road use need to pass emissions,laws, and that mpg. Supplied engine only that are sold to people dont have any of these restrictions. Also marine is a whole different animal. I wouldn't recommend that oil at all.

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