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2019 Silverado & Sierra Get Customized At SEMA 2018


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2018-10-30 12.41.21.jpg

Zane Merva

Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com



Day one of SEMA 2018 is almost already in the books and we've barely made it through the South Hall (which houses the Truck/Off-Road section) trying to get our eyes on every customized 2019 being shown inside exibitor's booths. There's no way we'll see everything but what we have seen already is impressive. Accessories for the all new Sierra and Silverado are coming out in force, even if the trucks are still trickling into dealerships. 


Although the new fullsize pickups are GM's hot new thing, the automaker has not made it a focus of this year's show. That means, while we're seeing a ton of 2019 Silverado and Sierra, there are 2x as many 2019 Dodge Ram and 5x as many Jeep Wranglers. 


Here's what we've seen so far. We'll add more photos to this thread as we take them. 

2018-10-30 10.39.44.jpg

2018-10-30 10.39.53.jpg

2018-10-30 10.40.01.jpg

2018-10-30 10.40.32.jpg

2018-10-30 10.40.46.jpg

2018-10-30 10.40.53.jpg

2018-10-30 10.41.00.jpg

2018-10-30 10.49.39.jpg


2018-10-30 11.17.07.jpg

2018-10-30 11.17.13.jpg

2018-10-30 11.17.18.jpg

2018-10-30 11.18.03.jpg

2018-10-30 11.18.19.jpg

2018-10-30 11.18.26.jpg

2018-10-30 11.31.26.jpg

2018-10-30 11.31.41.jpg

2018-10-30 11.31.47.jpg

2018-10-30 11.32.11.jpg

2018-10-30 11.42.53.jpg

2018-10-30 11.42.59.jpg

2018-10-30 11.43.08.jpg

2018-10-30 11.43.20.jpg


2018-10-30 11.47.11.jpg

2018-10-30 11.47.21.jpg

2018-10-30 11.47.35.jpg

2018-10-30 11.47.45.jpg

2018-10-30 11.51.48.jpg

2018-10-30 11.51.53.jpg

2018-10-30 11.52.00.jpg

2018-10-30 11.52.04.jpg

2018-10-30 11.52.15.jpg

2018-10-30 11.52.20.jpg

2018-10-30 12.13.16.jpg

2018-10-30 12.13.26.jpg

2018-10-30 12.13.40.jpg

2018-10-30 12.13.53.jpg

2018-10-30 12.16.09.jpg

2018-10-30 12.16.29.jpg

2018-10-30 12.19.02.jpg

2018-10-30 12.19.11.jpg

2018-10-30 12.19.37.jpg

2018-10-30 12.22.20.jpg

2018-10-30 12.22.26.jpg

2018-10-30 12.22.41.jpg

2018-10-30 12.22.48.jpg

2018-10-30 12.29.36.jpg

2018-10-30 12.29.43.jpg

2018-10-30 12.41.21.jpg

2018-10-30 12.41.33.jpg

2018-10-30 12.42.00.jpg




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That Leer cap with the Tahoe/Suburban style gate is awesome.


Westin 10.  Why on earth, did they not finish the whole fender extension in white?  that would have looked awesome if it went all the way into the headlight indent portion. 

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On 10/30/2018 at 5:34 PM, newdude said:

Westin 10.  Why on earth, did they not finish the whole fender extension in white?  that would have looked awesome if it went all the way into the headlight indent portion. 

+1 :thumbs:

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Does anyone know what brand the rear bumper is that is on the ProComp truck that's white in the front and black in the back with the step and parking sensors built into it? I can't find it under procomp items.

Looks like a Rhino BR20 rear bumper replacement

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I know there is nothing that can be done about it and it is what the public wants but for an old school pick-up guy like me customizing a crew cab is like kissing your sister!


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