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Tour Chevy's 2018 SEMA Booth With Us Wednesday

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Thanks for joining alone everyone! 

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Oh my gosh could that thing be any uglier!?  I hope you guys see some decent promising looking chevy vehicles there..

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    • By Hdchevyclassic
      Need some opinions on what the heck is going on with my 2007 silverado classic. It has a 4.8 litre vortec with an afe cold air intake, edge cts2 programmer, gibson shorty headers, and a 3 inch catback exhuast. I have the code p0430 coming up but cant figure out what it is. Ive done a back pressure test on the cats, and did knock sensors and all O2 sensors a year ago. It doesnt feel like it has a misfire and im very mechanically inclined and everything in this truck is looked after. When i bought it there was a 4wd code and it wouldnt engage so i swapped out the button cluster in the cab and now it works fine. Other than that the truck has been perfect but id like to figure out what the heck is setting off the code. I have no exhuast leaks and the cats checked out perfect, anyone know what else it could be? Im looking for anything at this point, i hate check engine lights and have cleared it with the programmer but it comes back very shortly after being cleared. Thanks
    • By Jaybridge88
      Just wanted to share my experience with Anthem Off Road wheels from them messing up my order to the wheel finish coming off not even 2 years later. They market themselves as a rugged America  offroad company that stands by their product. Which sold me. Plus I didn’t  want to have the same wheels as everyone else.  I purchased a set of wheels from them and went ahead and bought tires and TPSM to go with them. The tires I could of got cheaper locally, but then I would have to go to the shop and have them put on. So I opted to pay their higher price for tires so I could get the wheels with tires mounted and balanced, TPMS already installed. All I had to do was bolt them on my truck. Received the wheels. Bolted them on just to find that they didn’t install the TPSM. Had to wait a week for them to ship them to me. Then had to go to a tire shop to have them installed. The shop ended up scratching 3 of my brand new rims. I called and complained about the whole situation and they basically said “well we didn’t recommended that tire shop to you”. I guess they couldn’t realize none of this would of happened if they did their job in the first place and installed the TPSM in the first place. 
      Fast forward 1.5 years and I started noticing the clearcoat coming off one of the wheels. After a month or so all 4 wheels had the clear coat peeling off. I posted a question about the finish coming off on their Facebook page. Another costumer chimed in and said their clear was peeling off also. Then our comments were deleted. I commented again. Again, my comment was deleted. 
      I looked at at their website for the first time since I purchased wheels for them. I noticed they now offer a wheel protection kit that contains cleaners and ceramic coating. This wasn’t offered back when I bought my wheels. Which leads me to believe they have had more than just me complaining about their clear peeling off. 
      Has as anyone else had experience with anthem off road? Regular real customers. Not their “brand ambassadors” which is a new marketing scheme they started where they create a whole group of Social media sales people by offering them their rims for a discounted price. In return those people promote the wheels online and try to push people to buy their sub par wheels. I’m talking real customers using their rims in real life, everyday applications. 
    • By Snowlopez
      I have a set of 2019 Chevy Colorado rims that are 18x8.5 and 6x120 and they come with tpms already installed. These will fit any 15-19 Colorado and the tpms just need to be programmed to the vehicle. MSRP on these rims and sensors are $2310.08 before tax and core charge (which is $50 per rim). I'm looking for $1600 obo they do not come with tires or center caps. Message me if you have any questions. I have more pictures of the back of the rims showing they are genuine GM rims but they are to large of a file to upload.

    • By kowblansky01
      Hey guys! I've got a 2005 chevy suburban 1500 with stock everything (except tires). I have 265/70R17 BFGoodrich tires A/T yet they look somewhat small and want to beef up my suburban. I am somewhat inexperienced in this topic, besides from what I have read and researched. I was looking into the BFG's A/T KO2 tires (since they are bigger than my outdated bfg a/t tires) but I was wondering what is the biggest size I can get without having it rub the wheel wells, therefore not making me have to mod the front bumper or having to get different rims. Hope you guys can give me some advice and if you have pictures of what they look like or what my suburban might look like, PLEASE include them. Thanks
    • By ChevyDude123
      Hello,   This is a 1999 Chevy Silverado 5.3l, 4wd push button style, 4L60E transmission, 153k.   I have a green fluid leak (T-case fluid) coming from the front axel input shaft seal, drivers side. It obviously gets thrown around all over surrounding components when driven in current condition. The leak will accumulate about 2 or 3 drips on the ground overnight. It's been going on for a good while judging by the amount of fluid caked on everything. I've only driven approximately 50 miles since i noticed issue, all in 2wd. My questions are whether or not i risk significant damage to the case if ONLY driven in 2wd while also adding fluid as needed? Also, is there an "inner" seal in the transfer case that will be exposed when drive shaft is removed from t-case? If so, what is the responsibility of "inner" seal and is there a reason it should also be replaced simultaneously? When i'm in that deep i'd rather do whatever is necessary and logical.    Thanks for any help with stated questions and I also love to hear any related advice or experience! Taking it to a shop is not an option as I have little money and major trust issues. Trust issues stemming from several bad experiences in the past and most recently, pertaining to this vehicle. I bought this truck for $6,500, everything is in VERY good shape, recently had a 90k motor installed @ 150k (i purchased it at 152.5k) as a private party transaction from the auto shop owner who installed the second motor. Turns out recently installed engine either has a cracked head or head gasket as the black light test reveals coolant coming from exhaust among other confirmations... AAAGGGHH. That's a completely different story that's being dealt with but figured i'd share my reasons for NOT TAKING IT TO ANYONE mentality. Auto salesmen/mechanics can be total sleezeballs. From now on it's my way or the highway, to my own dismay haha. 
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