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Not sure where to put this, but thought it was a valid topic for anyone having a windshield replaced and has ADAS on their vehicle (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems); HUD, Lane Keep Assist, Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Warning, etc.


While searching for more info, as well as justification to spend the extra $$ for the infamous Windshield Calibration that many reference, I found these videos that offer a good incite.


What is ADAS?


Tech Talk: ADAS (2016)


Video showing the tools needed for the various ADAS Calibrations


Example video of calibration for Lane Keep Assist (2018 accord)


ADAS Camera Calibration - Toyota




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    • By Tech89
      I just noticed this while cleaning the dash. It looks like some LED strip of some sort in there. Went through settings and didn’t notice anything about a light for forward collision or anything. Definitely too small to be HUD. 

    • By Garypat
      I have been losing the Navigation and SiriusXM info on the dash display and the HUD display. (infotainment screen works ok) After shutting off the truck and restarting later it will come back. Anyone else? 2020 silverado 3500 HD high country delux. 3000 miles. I also have the searching for satellite problem on a startup. The "stop app" workaround will get the siriusXM going but not the nav display on the dash. Not sure if they are related. Frustrating for a new expensive truck.
    • By dwchapmanjr
      I was looking at calibrations for my 2015 GMC Yukon Denali's ESCM (Z95) and noticed there's a listing but the calibration ID's are not sequential and the latest one it recommends is a lower numerical value than the one that may fix an issue I have. Is this normal? Any explanation for the ordering? I posted this in the K2XX forum but this one appears more appropriate so sorry for the spam. I believe I have the original calibration and think 23452750 may fix my issue. Does the "current"/top one include all the fixes in the below or are they all different and you pick the one that addresses your issue? I won't be applying this, likely taking to the dealer and just want to be informed.

    • By Lawsnook
      I have tiny little specs on the windshield of my new truck.  850 miles.  I have had this before on cars with lots of miles - I think it’s caused by sand/dirt after a lot of driving. 

      When the sun hits it, the glare is significant.  But, how can this happen on something new?  I bought it with 9 miles two weeks ago. I did take one 600 mile trip. But, I can’t imagine that caused all the specks.  Any ideas?  
    • By jshbatatta89
      Had my truck worked on at a body shop(dent fix and new windshield) then straight to a proper detailing.
      I assume one of the two disconnected my batteries (L5P Durramax).
      Now, the buttons and controls on the steering wheel do not respond. 
      Confirmed with both shops, nothing was disconnected from the steering column.
      Everything else, horn, dash, lights, radio, etc. All function correctly. Only the stero paddles, and menu nav buttons do not work.
      Scanned all the modules for codes and received back 2 codes in the Instrument Panel Cluster.
      DTC 1: B3622-39 Steering Wheel Controls Signal Circuit - Internal Malfunction - (No ****** Sherlock)
      DTC 2 : U1510-00 LIN Bus Lost Communication with Device 0 - (Ah yes, Device 0, obviously). I am not sold on the clock spring still as I don't have any SRS module codes.
      Repair manual says those codes together is a short to ground.
      Cheryl on-top was this YouTube video,
      Anyone have enough knowledge to help me figure if it's a bad module or a cut wire?

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