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That is way more of the "skeleton" (interior skin removed) of a Tahoe than I want to ever have to see in mine.


Props on the "brass balls' to tear it apart and fix it yourself!

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On 10/18/2019 at 4:39 PM, Roger Estes said:

I have a 2019 GMC Yukon XL with a passive unlock and start and I’m having the same problems my car will not open the doors when you touch the button even though you’re standing right next to the door. My Gmc also has no remote detected and sometimes won’t start or turn off and I’ve been to the dealer about five times they can’t find a problem. I called General Motors and they’re supposed to help me but I haven’t been successful. I have had my remote controls replaced and re-programmed and same issues.My problems are on a daily basis and with the dealer gets it they say they cannot duplicate that. This is to the point where it could be dangerous if your car won’t shut off or if you’re trying to get in your car in a dark parking lot and you can’t get in your car. My 2019 Yukon I bought May of 2019 And has been in the dealer out of my control for about 5 weeks For this issue. I contacted General Motors and they call the dealer and the dealer said they don’t have time to babysit my car and you take it somewhere else. This is a poor way to be treated for $80,000 car. I am hoping someone has had any luck with this problem. Does anyone know where the antenna or the remote control receiver is located On a 2019 Yukon

Same vehicle, same price tag, exact same problems and the exact same response from Quirk GMC in Manchester NH. Cant duplicate, can’t help, have a good day and then they had the nerve to put their emblem on my vehicle without even asking. Awful GMC, awful

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    • By GRIPPED
      Hey all, 
      I have looked and looked for more clear instructions on how to program a second key fob for my 2020 Silverado (dealership lost 2nd set). I live 8 hours from where I bought the truck and the dealership I bought it from would need the truck to program it. I am trying to do it myself. I have followed this guide but still no luck. The youtube video that is out for it is if you are programming a key fob without already having one programmed. It wasn't much help for me. Any GM Mechanics have a quick write up they can copy and paste would be appreciated. 
      These are the two things that haven't been enough help for me. 
      Thanks in advance
    • By btwilli91
      Hey all! I am new here, but have a very frustrating item on our new (to us) 2018 GMC Yukon XL Denali. The buttons on the exterior door handles that lock and unlock are driving me crazy. I think these are called passive entry buttons (not sure on the actual name). Both buttons on the passenger side work just fine, but neither of the ones on driver side work. They depress, but nothing happens. I have checked all fuses that may be associated with this system and they are good. I have went thru settings on infotainment system with no luck either. Please tell me someone else has seen this problem and can help me out! Thank you so much!
    • By tkroeker
      Yesterday on GM Authority (they had a story about vehicle-mounted keyless entry key pads (not fobs) http://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/10/keyless-entry-keypad-offered-as-gm-accessory-for-buick-chevy-and-gmc/.  After a little more research and reading I have found that you can buy it as a kit and have the dealer or someone else install it.  So I have a couple of questions.
      1. Can I get it for my 2014 Silverado LT?
      2. Does the installer need to be a dealership technician?
      3. What is the general quality review of the new system?
      Tim Kroeker 
      Keyless Entry Keypad GM Accessory For Buick, Chevy, GMC _ GM Authority.html
    • By Semedar
      I have a 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 and my key fob only has the lock/unlock, and the panic button on it. I saw that the official Chevy accessories page has the key fobs with remote start, tail gate unlock on them as well. If I get one, will I be able to have the dealership program it on my current truck so I can have remote start or is this only for replacement for owners that already have the same key fob?
      5 Button Keyless Entry Remote Key Fob Part No. 84312372 https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/2019/Chevrolet/Silverado 1500/5-button-keyless-entry-remote-key-fob-84312372?categoryId=12001
      Thanks much!
    • By Wiggums
      My Ford F-150 didn't have keyless entry so I kept my keys in during one of my extended overseas trips, using the keypad to get in and my keys always safe. I could never stand the thought of losing my keys 6,000 miles away and having no way to get in my truck and I wouldn't be able to get in my house! I learned it the hard way a long time ago, never again.
      I didn't know my Chevrolet came with keyless but it was attached to a fantastic deal I couldn't refuse so I had a dilemma. I could use my phone to unlock my truck so I didn't really need the keypad my Ford had, but I just may install one for $250 at the dealership anyway. That's just in case I lose my phone whilst overseas.
      Unfortunately, keeping the keyless fob around the new Silverado will cause battery drainage as the module will be kept active when the keys are detectable. My truck didn't lock when I was at the back of my truck. As one member said, the Hitch Safe wouldn't be good enough and he's right so it was no longer an option. One here suggested wrapping it in aluminum foil and I tried that. It worked very well and realized my Progresso soup can had thicker aluminum so I tried it with the smooth-edge can opener and, voila!
      I am very pleased to report my truck did not unlock when I held it inches away from the door. To think I was going to spend $19.99 for a can of Coca-Cola with a secret compartment!

      Now, my question is: if I used my phone to unlock the truck from a distance... how long would the battery last before it dies? Can it do a month?

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