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On 7/1/2019 at 11:38 AM, 2018DenaliGuy said:

Yeah man, so right now i have a 4” fabtech magneride lift right now, so I am not going from stock ride height. Do you still think I should do the Ride height Trim procedure then? If so, did you put you’re new shocks and the bypass kit on first and then go to the dealership or to do the ride height procedure or what? Thanks man!

I'm not an expert on those fabtech magneride lift kits, but my understanding is that they keep the stock angles on the ride height sensors even though the truck is lifted. If that's the case, you don't need to do the trim procedure if you're keeping your set up that you currently have. If you have a code related to the suspension system it's either a different problem or the fabtech kit was not installed properly. If you are putting in a completely different kit that either doesn't keep the stock angles or will require you to remove the ride height sensors, then you will need the X-ineering bypass kit and to perform the trim procedure. The order of everything should be: remove existing lift kit and ride height sensors, install new lift kit, perform trim procedure on level ground, install shock and ride height sensors from X-ineering.

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Yeah so i’m Getting a suspension message in the dash that I can just dismiss away..but the xineering Kit and everything is installed so i’m not sure why i’m Getting that message.

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I had the same issue at first and it was because the voltage being sent to a set of sensors was blowing them. X-ineering sets the parameters on each sensor and because I did not perform the trim height procedure, one set was getting overloading by the voltage being set to 'adjust' the magneride shock (truck thought they were still installed). X-ineering sent me a programmer tool that allowed me to read the voltage in real-time and we were able to identify where the problem occurred. Once we narrowed it down, they sent me a new pair of sensors with new parameters. All was good after installing them and doing the trim height procedure.

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Thanks man! Yeah I took it to the dealership and they said they rand the Trim procedure 6 times but were not sure if it went through or not. But they told me the front two shock sims were bad so xineering is sending me new one’s. Hopefully it went through and I can put them on with no suspension message.

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Dude i can’t get the simulators off to replace them. It’s like they are melted on or something. And i broke the OEM clip for the magneride connector so i’m Pretty pissed off.

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    • By Gallitin
      I recently purchased a 2019 Denali 1500 in the Satin Steel Metallic color.  I want to pick up some black wheels for it and contemplating the 22" High Gloss Black Wheels GM offers.
      It's hard to tell what it will look like and looking for some other black wheel options potentially.  
      Anyone have the same color/model truck that could post some pictures or offer suggestions on other aftermarket black wheels that look nice?
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      I haven't seen anyone with official numbers. displaying the height of our trucks so I decided to pull it in the garage and measure up a couple of points.
      Keep in mind, this is a 2019 Trail Boss Custom, Z71, Crew Cab, Standard Bed, with ~3000miles. Everything is completely stock and the tank was 95% full.
      I measured the following heights;
      - all 4 corners(at the fender) measured at the center of the wheel
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      I've taken the measurements twice, once SETTLED and once UNSETTLED. To better define the terms, the settled measurements were taken by simply driving the truck in the garage, and measuring. I weigh around 200lbs ( seems to matter as there was a little lean tot he driver side).
      The unsettled measurements were taken by, lifting the vehicle, front and back, just to the point where the tires were off, then slowly letting the jack down and removing it.
      SETTLED Measurements;
      DS front - 39 1/4"
      DS rear - 41 3/8"
      PS front - 39 1/2"
      PS rear - 41 3/8"
      front diff - 13"
      rear diff -  9"
      bumper - 13 5/16"
      UNSETTLED Measurements;
      DS front - 39 7/8"
      DS rear - 41 1/2"
      PS front - 40 1/8"
      PS rear - 41 3/8"
      front diff - 13 3/8"
      rear diff - 9"
      bumper - 14"
      I've added all the pictures to this gallery ----> 
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      Hey guys just wanted to share tis bit of info that I was able to find. It was difficult locating a driveshaft for a 14+ GM 1500 so I hope this helps. 
      After spending tons of time trying to find a less complicated way to upgrade my DS I visited alldrivelines.com (referral from a member) and saw the 800hp rated 2 piece shaft. I called to verify compatibility and was let down by the rep. It is not user friendly for the 4x4's. 
      However, after asking me some great questions Shelby @ Alldrivelines  (661) 633-2303 simply said why don't you get our 1,200hp rated driveshaft for the 14+ GM 1500.. I said ..."wait huh". Tell me more. This is currently not listed on the website.  
      It is a 5" 6061 Aluminum shaft with a .125 wall thickness. It is rated for over 1,200 HP and 7,300 ft tq. She can get the correct size for other models too (bespoke).
      I'm running the following with a Stock Trans/Transfer Case and ride hight. 
      Make: GMC Model: Sierra 1500 Denali Drive: AWD/4WD Loc: Rear Bed: 5'9" Chassis: 143.5"WB Doors: 4 Door  
      After some negotiating it ended up being $580 SHIPPED from CA to MA!!!.  (She also suggested the upgraded billet slip yoke rated 1200hp it was an extra $100 so I'm actually $680.00 shipped)**
      Just a heads up folks. If you want a Driveshaft that can handle high speeds, high HP and TQ this is the place to go. Call Alldriveline (661) 633-2303 and ask for Shelby. Mention my last name Melaas and they'll cut you the same deal.
      A 1,200 hp rated shaft with the billet yolk for $680 shipped. I don't get anything for it I just asked if I could refer my friends here for the same deal and she said sure. Very nice Lady. 
      Lastly it is a 2-3 day processing and shipping for me (ca - ma) is about 3-4 days. I should have it next Thursday! I will send pics. 
      PM if you have any questions. 
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