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Battery CCA - Time to Replace

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Hello all - My 2010 NOX just had service / oil change etc at dealer.  Of course they checked the battery and other items.  So they came back and let me know my battery is putting out 485 CCA and it is factory rated at 535.


Was told to look at replacing soon.


Battery seems to be cranking fine.  So the question is replace or not according to the CCA?  Have always in the past waited until the battery started showing signs of no cranking or slow.  So what you all say?  Replace or wait a while yet?



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The underlying goal of their "multi-point inspection" is to make more money for the dealership.  Most of them recommend servicing things that are not needed, or are not needed yet.  On my vehicles, I drive them until the battery won't start it up anymore, then drop in a battery purchased elsewhere--the dealers often have the highest priced batteries.  

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Is this the original battery?  Does it get cold as in below 32 degrees?  If both of these are true, get a new battery.  8 years is a good life and you can't complain about it.

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