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TerrainContact A/T Pictures?

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Ordering new tires this week... my 275/60R20 BFG''s are near the end and wont make it through winter.  I've been reading for hours and have narrowed down to TerrainContact AT or BFG KO2 again.  Also debating stock 55's versus 60's.  Any advice and pictures would be helpful...


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KO2’s will ride rougher than the contacts especially once you bump up your tire size from a 55 to a 60. A while back, I tossed my Goodyears and threw on 275/60/20’s KO2’s and immediately noticed the rougher ride, I believe they were D rated at that size.

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KO2s any day, all day and twice on Sunday. Seriously it depends on how you intend to use your truck and what you’re looking for out of your tires.


The TerrainContact ATs are more of a passenger tire and will ride softer. They weigh 20% less than the comparable KO2s and have a lower max inflation pressure. The carrying capacity is also about 15% less. Just based on the tread pattern, they will likely be much quieter than the KO2s.


The KO2s are a D rated, 8 ply tire with a max load capacity of 3,000lbs and max inflation pressure of 65psi. They weigh 55lbs each compared to the 43lbs of the TCs. The KO2s have 3/32 more tread depth, however, due to the aggressive tread pattern, the tread life will probably be similar to the TCs.


I have 275/65/20 Cooper STT Pros (E rated, 10 ply) which have aggressive lug type treads just like the KO2s. They have little siping compared to dedicated winter tires or even A/T tires. What I have noticed is they clear snow just like they clear mud. The wide lugs fling the snow out and you don’t get it caked in the tread, killing your traction. They are stiff and ride accordingly, but they are tough as nails and I don’t worry about them...ever!


The KO2s are going to give you a stiff ride, mainly because their load rating. Conventional wisdom says the larger the area between rim and tread, the softer the ride, however, with D rated, 8 ply tires, they are more stiff and don’t benefit the same as softer tires.


If it were me, I’d go with 275/60/20 KO2s. They will look great and perform great too! You’ll get through winter with ease. They will sound a little louder than less aggressive tires and you’ll notice bumps a bit more, but if you live in any of the pothole ridden states or if you do any off roading, hunting, etc... you’ll appreciate how tough they are.


Good luck!


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14 hours ago, 300 Blackout said:

 What I have noticed is they clear snow just like they clear mud. The wide lugs fling the snow out and you don’t get it caked in the tread, killing your traction.

Some snow packed in the tread of your tire can enhance traction in some conditions actually.  Snow grips snow, better than mud grips mud. 



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Do you have any more pictures of the tire on your truck from more angles. I think these tires might fit my needs.  

Sure here you go. They were a great riding tire. Never had the ko2’s but every time i drove by a truck with them on i could hear a wum that would have driven me crazy.

On my Sierra i wanted something a little more aggressive so i went with the At3w’s and they are nearly as quiet as the continentals and drive and tow really well. Currently in the middle of a 1500 mile towing trip with them and they have been awesome.



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