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2016 Sierra Shudder, Shake, Surge when accelerating

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I recently bought a used 2016 Sierra Denali 5.3L 4x4 in March with 48k miles. Truck has been great until yesterday (now 52k miles) when I ease into the gas it shudders and shakes like crazy until i punch it. The tach is bouncing up and down and it doesn't matter if it's in v8 or v4. It almost feels like it's a misfire but it's weird that it only does it when I'm easing into the throttle or going uphill. The truck has the 8 speed transmission. Has anyone else ran into something like this and would the manufacturer warranty cover the fix for this?

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I have the 4.3 V6 and it does the same exact thing. I know a guy with a brand new 2017 with 18k miles and it does the same as well. C'mon Chevy ! Been makin trucks for decades and you mean to tell me you can't make a truck that doesn't do things like this? 

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Sorry I dont have the exact details right now for you because Im at work, but there is a bulletin for the transmission to be flushed 3 times and be refilled with synthetic.  Had the same symptoms (always around 14-1600 rpms) and this was a temporary fix for about 10,000 miles.  Thats my guess if you have the 8 speed.

Wow i havent been on this site in a long time.  My sig pic is waaaay outdated.  I have a 2015 Denali 6.2L now

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You are experiencing the torque converter shudder, pretty common apparently, my 16 has or had it and the only fix they will do is change the fluid in the trans once and that is it for now. For me I felt like I was running over rumble strips when I lightly accelerated. Mine hasn't come back as of now. Apparently there is a more permanent fix coming first quarter 2019. 

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On 10/4/2019 at 1:44 PM, Ronzo said:

Today i purchased a beautiful 2016 GMC Sierra SLT 2 ALL TERAIN pickup.

After leaving dealership with it.

It began to have a VIBRATION with Acceleration.

Is there a permanent fix for this.

Torque converter shutter.

I actually have the same issue. Always and only when either accelerating LIGHTLY or going uphill with low power. As soon as I gun it and it it winds up to higher gears it goes away. Has never happened while not accelerating so I know it's not my 22s being unbalanced or anything like that.


And it actually comes and goes. Some days I don't notice it. Other days it shudders and the steering wheel shakes like I'm driving over rumble strips while trying to drive lightly (driving slower to conserve MPG)

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On 10/9/2019 at 6:29 PM, Ronzo said:

Dropped mine at the GMC dealers.

They flushed the Transmission and the Torque converter.  

Replaced fluid with Mobile 1  ATF Transmission fluid. 

The shuttering went away and truck now drives perfect.  

Just want to check back in. I did the same thing with my truck. It now drives like new again. Make sure you tell the tech you believe it may be TCC -- the service rep tried to write it up as a steering issue becuase i mentioned that the wheel shakes like rumble strips when it happens.


The dealer definitely knew about the issue, but didn't verbally address it directly with me. He breezed over it "we've been having some tranny hiccups..." 


Make sure they follow the bulletin and hopefully others with this issue will have it resolved.

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Hey guys I got the same problem with my 2016 1/2 ton Chevy LTZ with almost 60.000 miles on her.But I had the problem with the transmission shifting from 1st to 2nd and I was thinking it was the 6.2 tight,wrongful thinking.But later on it got to shuddering bad.Took it in they changed the transmission fluid .Did good for a while then the shudder can back.It only does it when it wants to.Took it to the dealer they said if it is not doing it when they test drive it,they can not do anything for me.So today I drove it 45 miles and it did it the hold time .And this is the 8 speed transmission,and I’m am told at the dealership that some of the 10 speed does it too.So I,m in NC and I file a complaint with bbb and let’s see what gm will do.They need to replace my truck or buy me out,had enough.

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