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2017 Silverado - Fuel Injector Replacement Help

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Looking for help/instructions on replacing fuel injector/s for a 2017 5.3L Silverado. Truck has 80K miles on it and a #5  misfire. Dealer ran a diagnostics and said the injector needs to be replaced.


I found a couple pictures on the forum of the fuel injectors but very little information on steps to replace them. The only videos I could find online were for older models with a different injector diagram. Talking to the dealer they quoted me $770 to replace a single injector, gaskets and piping associated with the job. 4 hours or labor and $240 in parts. 


Are there any good instructions or videos out there on replacing fuel injectors on a 2017 Silverado?

I've never done a job like this but consider myself mechanically include, is this an easy enough job or should I leave this to the dealer to do?

I know they say if your replacing a single injector you might as well replace all 4 on one bank but is that really necessary, $110 a piece and if the other 3 are fine why replace them?


The dealer said the piping and gaskets must be replaced even for a single injector replacement job. Is this all necessary? I've never had another vehicle with injector problems so this will be a first. 

Parts quoted-

12687650           (1) injector

12626354           (8) gaskets

12677002           (1)  pipe

12677004           (1) pipe


Any help, links to instruction/diagrams or videos would be awesome! I enjoy working on these projects rather than paying someone else to do the work since you learn something every time. I also want it done right.


Thanks all in advance!




injector 2.PNG


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I'm looking online now at parts, I just found all the parts I listed above to half the price the dealer quoted me.


Would the replacements for the lower seals be included in the "seal kit" part # 12672366 ?


Are the special tools something only the dealer would have? 


Why replace (8) intake manifold gaskets as the dealer has parts on the quote?  12626354           (8) gaskets 


It seems to me someone out there would have put together some step by step or video of replacing these since I've read several forums with guys having bad injectors on these new trucks. 

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Man, on a 2017 you need new injector already?

You should contact GM and complain.


My 2011 BMW x5 needs #6. Dealer quoted $1400.

Getting it done elsewhere for $700. Hope its not that expensive for you.

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I've received two different quotes now from dealers for $770 to replace a single injector. Even though only the #5 injector is misfiring and bad they are recommending replacing all 4 on the side. To replace 4 it would be around $1200


I can buy all the new parts for around $150.  I was hoping to attempt the work myself and figured even if it took me a day to do the work at least I learned something and can do it again next time. Reading more and more forums it sounds like this can be a common problem and I don't plan on paying $770 each time I need an injector replaced. 



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I'm not finding any info on injector/ orings when i search through alldata on the pc. I spoke with a rep last week and he said they have the ability to add info. I'll see if they can add that r&r along with the emissions.

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I ran into the issue of not knowing and took mine to the stealership and paid $1000 for one injector and a ignition coil.  Never again.  I had searched for days to figure out the issue and finally came upon this video where he did this on a suburban or a tahoe but it is the same process for a silverado.  Looks time consuming but the parts are less expensive.  Roughly under $400 if you do all the parts.

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