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Toyo R/T vs Cooper STT

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Since tax return season is approaching I wanted to start some research on new tires for the new truck. 


I’m currently running 305/55R20 Toyo R/Ts and while they’re a little loud, I love them otherwise. On my old truck I was running 275/55R20 Cooper ATPs and they lasted me over two years with plenty of tread left, so I was looking at the Cooper STT Pros as a possible change and wanted to know if anyone else is running them. 


Also open to to other options for intermediate or M/T tires. 

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One of my employees just had a set of the Cooper STT pros installed on his Ford F-250. Good looking tire, looks to  be as aggressive as an MT. I'm running the Toyo RT on my 2018 and as far as noise, I can't tell much difference from the Toyo MT's I had on my 2013. So now I kind of wished I would have just went with the MT's on my new truck. The Toyo MT is probably the best looking, quietest, and longest lasting MT out there, but the price reflects that to.

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That’s the biggest reason why I’m considering just doing the R/Ts again is because of the price, but if there’s no other real difference in noise or comfort I might pony up. My biggest question on the Coopers is really longevity and noise. 

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    • By 17Sierra1500
      I understand the tire subject has been beaten to death but please hear me out. I currently have the Nitto Ridge Grapplers in 295/55/20. They are E rated tires.  I really like how they look but after running them for 2 years, they are loud and harsh in my 2017 crew cab sierra denali 4x4 6.2L .  I'm looking for a quiet tire with a SL load rating, comfortable ride but aggressive look.
      I'll probably be going with 275/60/20 for the new tire size but also considering 285/55/20.  I've been doing tons of research, reading reviews and forums but since I have no experience with the 3 tires in the poll, I'm specifically looking for people with first hand experience switching from an E rated tire to a SL / XL / P rated tire.  I have also owned the Nitto TerraGrapplers and did like them ok but looking for something different.
      My truck is mainly driven in the city 85%, highway 10% and about 5% in the country (gravel, muddy fields, etc) while hunting a couple times a year.  I also live in Missouri, so we do see some snow from time to time but that is not much of a concern with 4x4 already.
      Price is less of a concern but since it is relevant:
      Falken Wildpeak               275/60/20 - $238 each or $952 for 4
      Toyo OpenCountry AT3   285/55/20 - $234 each or $936 for 4
      Toyo OpenCountry AT3   275/60/20 - $266 each or $1064 for 4
      Goodyear TrailRunner     275/60/20 - $156 each or $623 for 4
      I'm getting old and want a smoother ride=lame.   I know the magnaride is not the smoothest, I plan to see if the tires do the trick for me and if not, suspension is next.
      Many thanks!!
    • By puppykat33
      I dont know if this allowed in here but i will soon have some 2020 RST factory 20inch take offs wrapped with nitto ridge grapplers in 275/55/20 with more that 50% tread left that i wont need as i will be getting new wheels and tires soon. Anyone in GA interested? New the rims are 395 from Detroit wheel and tire website may be cheaper somewhere else let me know. And Nittos new are 1000. So all new this is a 2600 dollar package not to mention TPMS  so i will consider taking 1700 for the set. Sorry i dont feel like shipping out of state unless you do all the leg work and tell me where to take them to drop off within reasonable distance to me.. Atl area..... Otherwise i can meet half the distance between me and you. We can work out details if interested.
      Thank you

    • By Canyonvette04
      Set of 265/65R18 BFG All Terrain tires on Ultra Wheels. Came off 2016 Canyon. Tires have decent tread on them. One has a scratch on the sidewall but is not deep( see photos) Wheels are in good shape, shine up very well, one has a little flaking around the rivets but not too bad ( see photos) Asking $800.00. Wheels and tires new were around $2000.00 Nashville area. 615-516-5915

    • By silveradoman72
      Looking to get a decent set of chains/other traction device for my Silverado. I have P265/65/R18 size tires and the owners manual says to not use chains with this size tire as there isn't enough clearance and you risk damage to the vehicle. It also says "Use another type of traction device only if its manufacturer recommends it for use on the vehicle and tire size combination"
      My question is... has anybody out there found a manufacturer/model of chains where the manufacturer recommends it for this tire size on a 1500?
    • By Cmitchell64
      Looking to buy a new set of all terrain tires for my 2016 Silverado (3.5 inch suspension lift). Have many mixed reviews regarding which tires to go with. I am looking for somewhat aggressive look that will hold up well in city usage, and most importantly are quiet on the highway. Looking to run 33's on 20x10 -25 mm offset aftermarket wheels (purchasing a wheel and tire package thats why the wheels are not in the picture) . All opinions and suggestions are appreciated!

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