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Klaus Nic

The Brightest Headlights & The Smallest LED Headlight Bulbs

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Headlights are probably one of the most essential safety gadgets in your car. Their importance is even more pronounced when you happen to drive more at night hours. They are one of those necessities that you may not give thought to, well, not until they’re fading or gone. When the road ahead of you becomes foggy, driving under such conditions is often difficult and dangerous. Poor lighting condition while driving often results in accidents, when it is foggy or at night-time. Having the appropriate LED headlight bulbs for your car is definitely some kind of personal basic safety measure. Many car owners are getting headlights that will serve them in all kinds of weather conditions when they are traveling.


The LED headlight bulbs technology is the latest innovation used for manufacturing the brightest headlights of vehicles. LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode. LED headlight bulbs have several technological advantages over its competitors, i.e. Halogen headlights. Therefore, they have become extremely popular in the passenger automobile industry. LED headlight bulbs produce a superior range of vision and brightest headlights which help car owners save tons of money over the lifespan of a car. Therefore, it’s not surprising they are becoming more visible on our roads.


Since LED headlight bulbs are increasing in popularity over halogen lamps, many automobile manufacturers and car owners are switching to this efficient option. Here are some reasons why LED headlight bulbs are preferred over Halogen lamps as the brightest headlight bulbs;


Benefits OF LED Headlight Bulbs


Energy Efficiency

LED headlights bulbs are produced with superior strength and efficiency when compared to halogen lamps. They have a very high degree of illumination and can produce the brightest headlights and pure beam of light which will help you have a clearer view of the road in the dark.


Despite having a high degree of brightest headlights illumination, LED headlight bulb use lesser energy compared to halogen lamps, while their brightness can be up to 280% brighter than halogen lamps. And their energy consumption is about 85% lower.


Extended Life

LED headlight bulbs are manufactured with top quality materials. Even with consistent use. An LED headlight bulb can last for several years, which are considerably better than the regular halogen bulbs. LED headlight bulbs are less susceptible to malfunctions or failure compared to halogen lamps, their average lifespan is ten times that of the halogen lamps. LED headlight bulbs have an average lifespan of 32000-52000 hours or even longer while an average halogen lamp may last just for 1000 hours.


Easy to Install

LED headlight bulbs are very easy to install. As the plug type id the same size as the halogen bulbs. However, most LED headlight bulbs size are larger than the halogen bulbs because they have the cooling fans, or large housing to dissipate heat, drivers, or CANBUS drivers to keep the bulbs working in the normal way. Thus, the small size LED headlight bulb whose size is the same as the halogen bulbs may be a good choice for you. You don’t need any special skills or the assistance of a mechanic to get them installed. You can easily install them successfully within 30 minutes to one hour.


The most important advantage that LED headlight bulbs to possess over the typical halogen lamps is the degree of brightness of the light they provide. LED headlights produce a crispy, sparkling, bright white light which can successfully transform total darkness into a sunny afternoon. Properly designed LED headlights will meet all on-road regulations, reduce glare for oncoming vehicles, and have a beam outline that puts the light at the exact point you need it most.


LED Headlights Bulbs VS Halogen Bulbs

LED Headlight Bulbs Halogen Lamps
Brightest headlights Light produces not so bright
It is more efficient Halogen lamps are not so efficient
Last longer, more durable Halogen lamps are not so long- lasting
Generally cooler than halogen lamps Usually very hot
Perfect for all weather conditions, efficient in bad weather and foggy days Not so efficient in bad weather
Easy to install Not so easy to install
Put less stress on the eyes of the driver The poor Illumination stresses the driver’s eye often
They require very little maintenance Demands more maintenance
Water- resistant/waterproof Affected by water



2 New LED Headlight Bulbs By Auxbeam

Give your car a new lease of life with The GT Series & P10 Series Ultra-Thin LED Headlight Bulbs by Auxbeam, which can offer you the brightest headlights or the smallest size headlights in Auxbeam.


P10 Series Ultra-Thin LED Headlight Bulbs

Auxbeam small size led headlight bulbs

We introduce the latest automotive LED lighting revolution, the super bright elastic and waterproof LED headlight bulbs, the P10 Series Ultra-Thin LED Headlight Bulbs by Auxbeam. P10 series is in the same size as the halogen bulbs. You do not need to worry that your dust cover cannot reinstall or there is no space to dissipate heat after upgrading the LED headlight bulbs.


Key Features


  • A halogen size headlight
  • 2 times brighter than car original halogen bulb
  • Mini 1mm Ultra-thinLEDfocus design
  • The thinner it is, the better lighting beam pattern it is
  • Down to 1mm between PCB
  • Board and board
  • Maximum anti-glare
  • Maximum no dark area
  • Waterproof
  • High performance in bad weather
  • The integrated heat dissipation system
  • Through aircraft grade aluminum, a large copper substrate to improve the heat dissipation
  • Orientation pressurization cooling system
  • Built-in 8000 RMP high-speed fan can take away the heat in a moment to ensure the bulb work normally in a high temperature

The GT Series Extra Bright LED Headlight Bulbs

Auxbeam brightest led headlight bulbs
GT series high quality LED chips which have 45W for one bulb. Thus, totally 90W for a pair. Compared with other LED headlight bulbs Auxbeam has sold, GT series is the brightest headlights among them.


Key features


  • Super bright, using CREE XHP70 CHIP for each LED headlight
  • 9000LM for each pair of LED headlights
  • IP65 dust and water seal, beam angle 360-degrees
  • 35-80 degree CelsiusOperating Temperature
  • Aviation Premium 6063 aluminum
  • 360-degree clear beams no blind zone
  • Super cool engineering beam patterns
  • Nice performance, especially in foggy days
  • Nice fitment which easily replaces old full filament bulbs
  • Great Temperature Control System through the interior cooling fan which automatically cools down in maximum temperatures.

The GT Series & P10 Series Ultra-Thin LED Headlight Bulbs from Auxbeam are the brightest headlights & the smallest in size in the marketplace. They have very accurate beam shape lighting than several other lights on the market. They are easy to install and fit vehicles easily. They are very energy-efficient as they use less wattage compared to others while producing the brightest headlights in the market.  The GT Series & P10 Series Ultra-Thin LED Headlights are available in different styles and are 10 times brighter than your regular halogen lamps. If you are interested in LED lighting and other off-road modification parts, please read on to know more.

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    • By BuckeyeBob
      Anyone have any tips for replacing the low beams on my 2500 silverado (2019) with LEDs?
    • By Derek K
      Hey All,
      Hoping you guys can point me in the right direction. 
      I have a 2014 Silverado that has recently lost the passenger side low beam. The headlights will turn on when starting the truck and then flicker and the passenger side goes out within about 10 seconds. The driver's side continues to operate as normal and the high beams also operate as normal. If I turn on the headlight switch with the truck not running the headlights will both stay on. Once the truck starts the passenger bulb shuts off. 
      I had this in to the dealer since it was looking like a BCM issue and I have no way of testing or programming a new BCM. They diagnosed and said the BCM was bad. Essentially they replaced the BCM with no results and they replaced the underhood fuse panel with no results. They said when the light quits they are not getting power out of the BCM for that headlight. So it is either a BCM input or something in the BCM. 
      They did find a code (after performing the "repairs") and that code was a "short to ground" code. They did not give me the code number. 
      Has anyone had this? Right now this is the only issue. I've read about ground issues and will check those on Saturday but I am not experiencing any other electrical issues so I am doubting I have a dash ground issue. 
      I appreciate any help you all can give. 
    • By NicKlaus
      Headlights are standard driving equipment for every vehicle. Headlight plays a very important role in road driving. If there is not enough light, the drivers cannot see the front clearly. Headlight types can be differentiated due to the chips inside. Most vehicles are equipped with halogen bulbs, which will gradually be dim. To deal with this, you can choose the best LED headlights as the replacement.
      While search in Wiki, headlight just means the light given by the headlamp, which is the term for the headlight device. And most headlamp can be divided into the headlamp housing, headlight, wiring harness, fog light and turning signal, but fog light and turn signal will be separated with the headlamp assembly in some car models such as Jeep Wrangler.
      Headlight Configurations
      As for the headlight, it has three main parts, high beam, low beam and daytime running lights (DRL).
      High Beam
      The high beam can be also called as main beam, driving beam or full beam, which provides a bright and centered light on the front. The high beam can only be used while there are no oncoming vehicles in the extremely dark driving road, as the high beam is too bright to blind the oncoming vehicles or pedestrian and make accident happened.
      Low Beam
      Low beam, also sometimes termed as the dipped beam, passing beam or meeting beam, can provide an adequate designed light for forward and lateral illumination. The low beam is limited so as to control the glare toward the oncoming vehicles and pedestrian. Thus, the low beam can be used wildly in the night time.
      Daytime Running Light (DRL)
      Daytime running light, as the name referred, can be used in daytime driving. As a kind of signal light, the DRL need to be turned on as to show other drivers you are coming towards. According to figures, turning on the DRL while driving on road can reduce accident by 12.4% and reduce the risk of death rate by 26.4%. Some high-end vehicles are equipped with LED driving lights for DRLs nowadays.
      Factors Influence the Headlight
      Beam Type
      Most vehicles are equipped with Halogen bulbs as the driving light source for the factory headlights. As we have compared before that, halogen headlight will be dim and the light will be yellow or even amber as the driving time gets by. And the LED driving lights can be the best replacement for the Halogen, as the LED headlights are much brighter but consuming less power. And LED can be working for about 30,000 to 50,000 hours, much longer than the halogen headlights. As the configuration is easy, LED headlights can directly replace the halogen headlights and nothing need to be modified.
      Some may claim that their vehicles are equipped with HID headlights. HID headlights are much better than halogen headlights, but there is one disadvantage—it needs 3-5 seconds to warm up the headlight and then the headlights can work normally. While LED headlights do not have such kind of problem. However, if you want to upgrade the HID headlights with LED headlights, some wiring may need to be modified. Thus, the LED headlights may be better comparing with halogen headlights and HID headlights.
      Lighting Effect
      In fact, the lighting effect is mainly influenced by the headlight housing. There are mainly two configurations of headlight housing—reflector housing and projector housing.
      Reflector Housing
      For vehicles using reflector housing, the light will be reflected as the light is on. Equipped with the reflector housing, the light can be scattered in a wild range with flood beam but there will be some unused light. Many halogen headlights are equipped with reflector housings.
      Projector Housing
      As for vehicles with projector housing, light is projected through the lens, which can make a better pencil beam. And also, using the projector lens, the light will not scatter in wildly, which will give more accurate and bright light. Many LED headlights and HID headlights are used projector housing. Thus, for better lighting performance, you can upgrade the reflector headlight housing with projector headlight housing.
      Choose the Best LED Headlights
      The headlight assembly for normal vehicles like sedan, SUV, and trucks, maybe a little bit hard to upgrade, which needs huge modifications. However, you can choose to upgrade with the LED headlight bulbs. Normally, every headlight has the bulbs inside, and most factory bulbs are halogen bulbs. Due to the configuration of the LED is similar to halogen bulbs, LED can directly replace the halogen bulbs and do not need further modification. Just plug and play, you can get the new LED headlights.
      As we have mentioned above that headlight has the high beam, low beam, and DRL, you need to pay attention to when upgrading the headlights to LEDs.
      1. You need to make sure the plug type of your factory halogen bulb type and then choose the corresponding LED plug types.
      2. Halogen bulbs and LED headlight bulbs are of the same plug type, which has the Hi-lo beam bulbs and single beam bulbs. For hi-lo beam bulbs, one pair of LED headlight bulbs can support both high beam and low beam, while vehicles need single beam for high beam and low beam, you need to purchase 2 pairs to separately support high beam and low beam,
      3. If you have upgraded the reflector headlight housing into projector headlight housing, the plug type changes and you need to check the plug type which can fit your new projector headlight housing.
      4. For some vehicles which designed the high beam together with DRL using the same bulbs, upgrading the bulbs will be a little bit difficult. You need to add extra DRL decoders to avoid bulb working error. Otherwise, your DRL cannot work in a normal way.
      Jeep Wrangler Headlights
      Jeep Wrangler can also upgrade the headlights with the LED headlight bulbs. However, there are also many different kinds of Jeep Wrangler headlight assembly which can be easily replaced by Jeep Wrangler. The factory Jeep Wrangler headlights are reflector headlight housing with halogen bulbs which may not look very cool and practical. So how about upgrading the headlight with LED driving lights.
      Auxbeam Jeep Wrangler headlights have many different choices for you. All Jeep Wrangler projector headlights include the high beam, low beam and DRL (sometimes will also be called as atmosphere lights), which is convenient to upgrade all the thing at the same time. And the installation steps would not be hard. Just remove the old headlight and unplug them and install the new headlights on then plug them on.
      Also, there are many different kinds of LED driving lights that can be installed on the bumper or bull bar. LED driving lights can be the auxiliary lights as you need more light in driving. Upgrading your headlight into LED projector headlight may be better for both practicability and aesthetics. Choose the best LED headlight solution according to your vehicle types. LED headlights can help you get more brightness.
    • By Charles_2014_GMC_SLE
      Problem Description: 
      Headlights turns-On and sometimes does not w/ DRL
      Headlights turns-Off while driving and then comes back On
      Headlight does not turn-On at initial startup and then turns-On while driving
      All other lights are functional, Tail Lights Brake light and Reverse are Ok
      All Turn Signals w/ Hazards are Ok
      Fog lights (Morimoto XB LED's) are Ok
      Taken to a reputable shop to troubleshoot; of course the lights were functional the entire time during the visit; issue re-occured later during that day on my way home from work. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. 
    • By boynton6spd
      I don't want to do a full LED kit with ballasts etc...
      If possible, I would like to change High and Low beam bulbs...
      Has anybody just swapped to a bright bulb?
      If so how is it working out?
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