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GM Brings Back OnStar Santa Tracker For Christmas

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John Goreham
Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com


General Motors is bringing back its OnStar Santa tracker with a little help from NORAD. This Christmas Eve, folks with an OnStar subscription can keep track of Santa's progress across the globe with a touch of the blue OnStar button. “Each year we receive thousands of Santa Update requests,” said Stacey Unold, director of Contact Center Operations supporting Chevrolet. “It's a fun way for Chevrolet owners to use technology to connect their families with important information about Santa's journey and spread holiday cheer.”


The first 10,000 touches of that OnStar button to check on Santa will also result in GM donating $1 to the American Red Cross. So, press away, it all goes to a good Claus. Cause.  

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I guess Santa does not Visit Montana. On-Star could not find or help me when I had troubles there!

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    • By Gcrew
      It’s been 3 month since I took delivery of my new 2019 Chevy Trail Boss and really hate that when I use the phone to call out the person on the other end can’t hear me.  This is the same whether the Apple iPhone is connected to car play or via Bluetooth. Also same problem when I initially called on star to set up service. They couldn’t hear me. First thought it was cell phone reception but was not the case. First time the dealer replaced the mic over the  drivers side but this didn’t fix the problem. Updated latest software updates and this too didn’t fix the problem. Took it back to Chevy dealer Monday they called today and said they can’t replicat the problem. So drove up from work in the loaner and replicated the problem. 
      Same problem on iPhone or Android. 
      Has as anyone else had this issue or has any tips to resolving the issue?
    • By opeg1979
      New to the site but have been lurking here before. Been looking around and can't find any good information on the situation so I wanted to post a question.
      I have a 2015 Silverado LT Crew 4x4. A month or two ago I noticed this faint red (more like orange) light flash on the rear view mirror. I know the red light means Onstar is not connected but in this case it flashes very quickly. I push the buttons and nothing happens.  Then I noticed the compass in the infotainment is empty and the dash shows N all the time.  I called Onstar and they tried to connect and couldn't. They said we cannot connect to your vehicle please take it the dealer.  Well I don't go to the dealer if I can help it. So I have been doing some research.
      Now here is the thing that has me concerned...in October of last year I installed a Rough Country 30" light bar.  No problems, it works fine, but I really can't remember if this Onstar issue was before or after that.  I looked in the manual about Onstar stuff and found in there "Dont add electrical equipment" it could effect Onstar etc. etc. Is this really my problem?  I disconnected the light bar and Onstar doesn't come back, I have checked the fuses that are linked to Onstar and they are fine.
      Has anyone seen this type of problem?  Is it pure coincidence that the Onstar problem happened after I put on the light bar?
      Is there a way on the truck to reboot Onstar?
      Any help would be appreciated!
    • By Gorehamj

      John Goreham
      Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com
      General Motors announced today that it is offering up some free OnStar for those owners who don't already subscribe. We reviewed the offer, which is packed with more fine print that a celebrity divorce agreement, to try to get the important parts straight for our members. One of the fine print sections actually references the Famer's Almanac.
      The deal breaks down to three free months as long as you are willing to give OnStar your credit card, full contact info and a cheek swab for DNA verification.  You need to own a 2006 or newer GM vehicle equipped with OnStar and it has to work. In fairness to GM, if you want to opt out all you need to do is press the Blue button and tell the associate you're out. The services available depend a bit on the model, but should include Automatic Crash Response, Roadside Assistance, Emergency Services, Crisis Assist and access to a live advisor at the push of a button. 
      “These services can help Chevy customers drive with confidence during some of the most dangerous times to be on the road,” said Paul Edwards, U.S. vice president of Chevrolet Marketing. “With OnStar, we’re bringing peace of mind to owners, knowing that an advisor is ready to help.”

      To begin your free service simply press the Blue button. You get one month with no hassles, and up to three if you go in for the full contact info dance.  If interested, push the button before January 23rd.  Why the enrolment for the program ends on a Wednesday was not explained.
    • By 2003 SSEi
      Ok so I want to put a post together about the onstar, XM, sharkfin, and whatever else antenna we have on the K2xx platform.  I know there have been water leaks plaguing all years from 14-18.  All the posts here I have seen, don’t really have any info or “the dealer fixed it”. 
      A lot of people have commented that there is a break in the seal in the rear of the antenna.  Please understand that is not a water seal for water intrusion into the cabin.  That is only a rubber trim from the plastics of the antenna to the metal roof skin. There is a foam seal that goes around the wires and the mount that does all of the sealing of the elements.  When the foam seal deteriorates is when the water issues start.  I will explain with pics a little further down in the post.
      So I have a 14 Denali, vehicle was Daily driven, until 2 months ago, has 90,xxx miles on it, sat out side during the day, and garage kept at night.  I have never had any water issues from the antenna (or the 3rd brake light for that matter) 
      Here you can see the square seal around the home in the roof was still sealing with no issues 


      One of the reasons this post happened was because I found a color matched shark fin brand new for VERY cheap.  And my Denali has the black plastic fin from the factory.  
    • By ms55330
      OnStar sucks!!! It's been 2 weeks since I've taken delivery of my truck OnStar still hasn't been able to signup my truck and now I'm halfway through my "super generous" month of a working app. I've called them 4 different times they waist about a half hour of my time then the level 2 person tells me they put in a ticket and they'll call me when it's fixed. Onstar has yet to call me back once! Absolutely unacceptable!!! Especially when you only get one month of service VS the 5 years I got with my last truck. Why am I still buying GM?
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