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Southwest_ Knight

Random wires under dash.. need help

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I have a 1986 s10 that has some wires hanging down form around the fuse box under the dash. If i could get a picture of what a proper under dash and fuse box area is suppose to look like, that would be a big help. I bought this truck from a friend who received it from his neighbor, and then was not able to keep it due to financial problems. I have had to replace the rusted out fuel tank and pump, all of the lights, most of the bulbs, ect... It is having a problem where it blows the ecm b fuse the moment I turn the key, causing the fuel pump not having the chance to prime. I have checked all the wiring from the pump the front of the truck and I see no problems with the wiring. I know I may have gotten off topic, but I first need to see where these wires are suppose to be and fix that problem. then I need to find why it wont start.


Thank you for your time..

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