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Hey all,


Forgive my lack of technical terms when I describe this but I have been having an issue with steering lately. Whenever I turn backwards to the right at full lock like I keep getting a rubbing noise and a clicking.  It feels like the truck is fighting itself to go backwards and it feels like the tire is trying to roll under itself . After going out and checking by the right tire and as you see in the picture below I have rubbing in these two parts. I was wondering if it was possible that the center link had been put in backwards causing this part to be misaligned? The last owner of the truck redid the whole front end so nothing is original. Any tips are appreciated!


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Do you have more pics of different angles? Kinda difficult to address this topic with this one pic. You could get two jacks and lift the front from the the lower control arms and shake the front wheel side to side and watch the steering components to see what they are doing.

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    • By Mike Payne
      I posted this in the 40 page thread but wanted to get a new look so I copied it here.  
      I have a 2017 Denali 3500HD with "loose" steering.  I don't usually give my resume' but I think it is relative to this subject.  For 12 years I was a professional test driver at a major competitor to GM.  I worked in the suspension development group at a proving ground testing and tuning shocks, spring rates, stabilizer bars, tires, etc.  My job was to dial in just the right amount of comfort vs handling vs steering response and feel.  Why is this important?  Because I am 100% confident I know what is causing my "loose" steering.  The problem is the digital steering assist tuning.   Although there is a documented issue with some steering gear boxes,  the "loose" steering in my vehicle is not from any mechanical problems with the gear box.  Please understand that I did not say no one has a gear box problem.  I am simple saying that GM has more than 1 issue due to poor steering feel.  
      The problem with my truck has nothing to do with anything being "loose".  Here is the proof.  At all speeds below 45 mph the steering feels fine.  At speeds above 75 mph the steering feels fine.  If something was loose or wrong with my gear box or other mechanical steering component the problem would not magically go away below 45 mph and above 75mph.  In fact, with almost any kind on mechanical "loose" steering component the problem would be perceived as worse with most increases in speed.  
      For folks with "loose" steering try this.  Pick a long straight level road.  Drive straight at 40 mph with the steering wheel straight.  Concentrate on the amount of effort (torque) it takes to turn the wheel 1 degree, 2 degrees, 3 degrees etc up to 10 degrees.  These are small movements of the wheel but you feel immediate effort required to turn the wheel these small amounts at speeds below 45 mph.  At 1 and 2 degrees of steering wheel movement there is effort but little to no vehicle response or yaw.  This effort is a "feedback" (although artificial and in the suspension tuning world effort is not necessarily feedback but for the sack of keeping it simple let's just go with that) to the driver about what is happening to the steering system and vehicle.  Now try this same procedure at 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75 mph. Does the effort required to move the steering wheel these small amounts start to increase at 74, 75, 76, 77 mph?  If so, you have a poorly tuned digital assist system.   In my vehicle the worst speeds are 60-70 mph.  At these speed the initial 0-5 degrees of steering wheel movement require almost zero effort.  The digital steering is "over boosting" the required assist needed.  At speeds above 75 mph, my vehicle "magically" fixes itself and the effort required to move the steering wheel increases dramatically.  
      I have read through all 39 pages of posts.  Some folks have described the exact problem I have.  "Loose steering" between 45-75mph.  Another fact is many have complained that their steering is no better after GM replaced multiple steering components including the gear box.  GM needs to assign an engineer to retune the digital assist.  I volunteer to help.  I just need access to the ability to change the power steering assist levels through the digital steering.  So GM if your reading this just look me up and I will help.  
      I hope this helps others to identify their real steering problems.  I also hope GM fixes this with a simply retune of the digital assist parameters.  
      Mike P.
    • By trainercb
      Ive always had a moderate pull to the right when hands off the wheel. To drive straight, I have to hold the wheel about 1/2 inch turned to the left. I noticed the passenger right tire tread was chopped in irregular patterns, but they were old tires so I didn't care. I put off identifying and fixing the issue. I recently got the truck leveled and new, expensive AT tires. I got the truck aligned and was told it was "way misaligned," however the issue is still there, although a little better. I don't want to chop up these tires and want to be able to take my hands off the wheel and not start drifting right.

      Any ideas? Easy fix? Hard fix?

      FWIW, 2002 Chevrolet Avalanche Z71. 144,xxx miles, everything all original. Now have new keys for the level and new 285/70/17 Toyo tires
    • By acdmcelectron
      I am trying to figure out if it is possible to install a steering wheel from a 2007 Silverado into my 2000 Silverado. Reason for doing so is because (1) my brothers 2007 steering wheel is a lot more comfortable then the steering wheel I have in my truck and (2) it looks better. I am not here to have people hate on this. I may not even do this, but I am curious on if this will work or not. I have been attempting to do reasearch, however I am finding nothing, so:
      Will the 2007 steering wheel be able to be installed into the 2000?
      Will the airbag harness of the 2000 connect to the airbag of the 2007?
      Will the 2007 airbag have issues being connected to a 2000?
      I know there is a large difference in years. I am just curious as it was simple to swap the front end of my 2000 with a 2004.
    • By 3tspapat
      Anyone noticed any feathering issues with the trucks when new? Started noticing some feathering around 750 miles on my eAssist with 4x4. Called a local dealer and they said they can only look at it, but couldn't do anything until at least 1500 miles to 2000 miles. Recommended that I take it back to where I purchased it from. I took it in yesterday, the service consultant said they can look at it, but they aren't supposed to touch it until around 8000 miles. I showed him the wear and told him by then, I will not have any tire left. So they agreed to take it in and check it out.
      Then when they were test driving, apparently an Audi turned into my front passenger wheel...anyway, long story short I have a loaner now that is not 4x4, but also eAssist with only 1700 miles. I noticed the same feathering issue, just not as bad as mine (probably weight related). Perhaps a batch came out of the factory with too much toe.
    • By Mathis1990
      I recently bought a 2016 Silverado 2500HD 2wd truck and I’m interested in dressing it up a little. Not a fan of the factory 17” steel wheels. I don’t think the size bothers me, they’re just ugly. I don’t have any plans to level it out, but I would like to fill the wheel well up better. I’m curious what would be the tallest and widest tire I could run on it with a 17”x8” wheel with a 00mm offset without experiencing rubbing or issues. The tires I plan on running will be the Falken Wildpeak AT3W. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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