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Cadillac Shows Of Its First Battery-Electric Luxury Car

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John Goreham
Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com

Cadillac plans to make Cadillac a primarily electric brand. Before that happens, the brand will shift primarily to ICE crossovers, with maybe keep one performance sedan and the Escalade as its token ICE cars (ICE means internal combustion engine). The new Cadillac looks to our eyes a lot like the old XLR, Cadillac's re-branded Corvette from the not too distant past. Despite this one being a "crossover." Going forward, look for every manufacturer to re-tag its cars as crossovers, despite the number of wheels driven, number of doors, ground clearance, and lack of any sort of SUV equipment. Cars are dead, so every new model has to be a crossover by definition.  Unless it's a truck. 


“Cadillac’s EV will hit the heart of the crossover market and meet the needs of customers around the world,” said Steve Carlisle, president of Cadillac. “It will represent the height of luxury and innovation while positioning Cadillac as the pinnacle of mobility.” We disagree. The heart of the crossover market has a selling price under $30K and is defined by the top-selling model in that huge segment, the Toyota RAV4. Cadillac may well hit the periphery of the crossover market, but it will be a long swim for any automaker to hit the "heart of the crossover market" with an affordable BEV. Decoding the marketing lingo we think GM means "We don't have anything yet, but when we do it will be a high-priced vehicle for China."  Buick had better watch its back.  


What do you think of the looks? GM has not given us a name, range, performance profile, or price estimate yet. Which in the EV world is pretty much standard practice.  

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I think it looks great.  I also think the concept Volt and concept Aztek looked great.


I'll reserve my judgement for the production model, because given GMs past it won't be pretty like the concept.  Why even bother really.


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The board has to kick out Marry Barra, she hasn't really raised share price since she's been hired, literally the stock price has stagnated . It is appalling with that 1) Eliminating workers jobs, 2) Completely feminizing Cadillac (watch a new Cadillac commercial especially the XT4 one it seems like a makeup cosmetic brand compared to Lincoln), 3) deciding to replay the Electric game again and after failing miserably with the ELR and the Bolt,  she thinks allowing the Cadillac brand to move to completely electric will help and not hurt the brand? If anything, make a completely new brand and label it GM. I just do not see this playing well. The only reason the stock price went up lately was mainly because of guidance figures, not the announcement of electric tech. If GM can produce a true competitor (acceleration, tech, etc.) to Tesla at an affordable price, and durability then by all means try it out. Given the past attempts though, I do not see such success unless its show stopping. 


Quit it with the Concepts GM, the Cadillac 16 was the best it'll ever get. 

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Hard to judge any gm concept these days after the Volt debacle.


Looks good to me but probably won't look anything like this once the bean counters go through it unfortunately.

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Looks like a Nissan Rogue got it's face torn off at a Massachusetts intersection ...

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Shutting down all of the plants and putting people out of work because they think this is the future.




Looks like the folks that designed the AZTEC are still working there.

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