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On 2/13/2019 at 1:35 PM, EJ_TRLBS said:

Go to your local muffler shop and switch it out for a flowmaster or magna flow. Or if you want to pay over 1000$ you can get a Borla or Corsa. The “Chevy Performance” exhaust is a rip off. It is not made by Borla as someone else said. I went with flowmaster super 44 series. Love it. 

I am contemplating doing the same thing, just putting in a flowmaster 44.  how is the drone?  how loud is in the cab at riding speeds?  I dont want to have to scream to talk to passengers or turn the radio up loud just to hear it.  That was my only concern with going with the 44.  Otherwise, there is s youtube video where a guy put it on his Trailboss and it sounds awesome!

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There is very minimal drone. It is not too loud in the cab at all. No need to scream to passengers or turn up radio. It has the best sound with minimal drone look up all the different series on their website. This is mine.  


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