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5000 Mile High Country Crew Cab Review

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 Greetings ALL,  

So I wanted to try and help some of those that may be on the fence of looking at the new Silverado.  I have been into cars for as long as I can remember and actually work in the automotive supplier business.  I have been involved with the engineering of some of the internal components on this truck.  I wanted to give an honest review from an average guy that uses his vehicles for all kinds of uses... As I said in the title here are some of my love and hate items for this truck after 5000 miles of driving.  (some highway, some back roads, and some off road)  


Let's start with the positives!  


1.      The Looks – I really like the new styling of these new trucks and think that it looks aggressive and the lines crisp.

2.       Power Tailgate – yeah, I thought it was a gimmick but I can tell you that I have come to love this option.  Having my hands full and being able to use my knee to close the tailgate is great.

3.       Video Mirror – I didn’t know about this at first but this is great!.  I have loaded things in the cab and thought oh well I can’t go to high….  Yeah. No longer an issue

4.       Space – the interior is roomy and I’m a “BIG” guy.  I can even sit in the back seat which usually doesn’t happen even in other auto’s

5.       Ride – ride quality is comfortable and the interior is quiet at all speeds (except the whistle mentioned below)

6.       Heated steering wheel – How did I ever live without this feature…  Seriously… As I write this it’s -9°F here and my hands have been toasty the entire day!

7.       The Gauge cluster – I’m impressed with the gauge layout and how they can be modified by what information you want to see

8.       Rear seat storage – This is close to being a meh item but I do like having this to store straps and such out of sight until I need them.

9.       Good fuel economy (5,3L) – I have been getting about 20mpg and 25mpg max with this truck on long trips.  My daily drive I’m at 18 to 20… that’s awesome with a brick.

10.   Window ALL down – I love this feature.  It’s nice to open all the windows at once and cruise down the road.  I’ve only been able to do it twice since I bought the truck but hey.

11.   Information screen – I love that you can set what information you want to see in the vehicle info and it will show you everything from brake pad % life to off road angles.

12.   Bed tie down points – I like the multiple tie down points in the bed.  They have always been perfect with anything that I’ve hauled.

13.   Bed liner – It’s great.  Nothing slides around and it seems durable so far.

14.   Forward camera – I like the forward camera for tight spaces and being on the front it stays clean.

15.   Cross traffic alert – It’s actually already saved me because I couldn’t see fully… I think this will be required on all my other vehicles.

16.   LED Headlights – I’m sold on these.  I like using them not passing them.  They work great to light up the night.

17.   115v Outlets – I love the outlets and especially in the bed.  Have been super handy for me thus far.  


Let’s move to the MEH factor…  


1.   Interior choices – Only having the once color reminds me of how Henry Ford started painting his cars… all black is boring but does looks nice

2.   Faux wood – I don’t get it.  I don’t like it. I don’t hate it. I just don’t understand how it fits in?

3.   Folding Mirrors – I like them but I hate that I have to push a button every time.  It would be nice to have them auto open to parking and shifting into drive…

4.   Heads up display – It’s nice not having to take your eyes off the road but yeah. It’s not that useful as far as information.  It does show me when there’s a car in front of me but I hope I know that anyway.

5.   The gold bronze accents – Another one of those things in the interior where I’m like… HUH….  I don’t get how this goes with anything else in this vehicle.

6.   Center console storage – yes, it’s large. It has lights. It has USB outlets… and can get filled with junk I guess.

7.   Dash Storage – I don’t understand the purpose of the cubby in the dash in front of the radio.  Its storage but it’s not very handy and whatever is in there is baked in the sun?

8.   Seat comfort – The seats are not the most comfortable that I’ve ever been in and they are not the worst.  They are just meh.

9.   The double glove box – I mean yeah, it’s nice to have the extra storage but the top one isn’t practical for anything more than your insurance cards and registration 10.   Exhaust – I mean it’s ok.  Personally I liked the tucked rectangle in the bumper look.  It sounds good at 1st start up but quiets down to fast… no drone at highway speeds

11.   Wheel well liners – It’s nice to have the protection but I don’t know what they are made of but grass and mud is stuck to them even when power washing they are rough and almost porous.

12.   Disable start stop  - To be honest I guess it’s nice to turn it off but I really don’t notice it.  It takes a slight second to get used to not just tromping the gas but it doesn’t bother me.

13.   Over the air updates – yes it’s nice to get updates over the air but I’ve never noticed that they fix the issues that I see from time to time?

14.   Side lighting – I mean yeah it’s great to have the extra light around the truck but… I’m mostly blinded when I use it and it doesn’t illuminate the ground like I’d prefer.

15.   Turning radius – I know this is a big vehicle but I feel like the turning radius sucks.  I really struggle to get the right position on the 1st shot.

16.   Lane departure warning – I mean yeah, it’s nice if you’re drifting but it gets annoying if I’m trying to ride the edge to pass a truck on the highway.

17.   Solid side steps – can’t keep them clean and they get slick when it is cold out.  They look nice when they are clean but….  


Finally the worst parts…  


1.   The shifting lever – to put it nicely… Looks crappy, feels crappy, is wobbly, and doesn’t really fit with the aesthetics of the truck.

2.   Messenger app – To answer a message I have to touch the screen instead of just using the steering wheel controls and then I can’t speak my response…  Why so terrible?

3.   The 3D down view – Ok so I may be OCD but why do I have a WHITE Minecraft looking truck in my 3D and not a color matched truck.  Seems like it could be an option?

4.   Navigation – Navigation still seems off.  I have put in destinations a few times and it’s taken me way out from where I wanted to be maybe fixed later.

5.   Play from steering wheel – I hate that you can’t get your phone to play from the steering wheel.  You must press it on the main screen or on the phone.  I’d like to control everything from the wheel. 6.   Double lines – On the dash with some of the infotainment items you get text doubled up and can’t read it.  Programming OOPS?

7.   Floor liners – Fronts are fine but I had to modify the rear to get to work with the storage… I mean. Did they not know how this was going to be put together?

8.   The whistling hose – so I hate the noise and I’m still waiting for my dealer to fix.  For the most tested vehicle how did they not notice this?

9.   Back up camera – It never keeps the settings I set and the lens gets dirty so quickly so it’s mostly useless when it’s snowing and covered in slush.

10.   AUTO high beams – I like the idea….  Not so much the execution.  I feel like when I have it active it just flashes cars in front of me.  I would be annoyed if I were being flashed from behind.

11.   Wipers – these things are made for speeds under 35mph… anything past that and I get streaks and my sight is skewed.  Maybe I just have a bad batch of wipers?

12.   Voice commands – I don’t know if I have some type of accent that this thing doesn’t like or what but I can never get it to do what I need it to.

13.   NO LED back up lights – I think GM dropped the ball on this one from factory… Why is everything else LED except that

14.   Plate lights – oh not only the backup lights but the license plate lights are not LED.  I think the color stands out and looks terrible…  (at least it’s a cheap upgrade to fix)

15.   Back up Infotainment light – so I dislike how bright the screen is when I’m backing up at night.  It’s super bright and can be distracting at first.

16.   No adaptive cruise – I realize that it will probably be an add on in a year or two but….  Everything else was rushed it seems so why not one more thing?

17.   Warranty – yeah the new warranty sucks compared to every other vehicle I’ve ever purchased.  It seems questionable why it’s so short…

18.   Funky Fuel gage – so I have noticed a few times that  I can fill the truck up and it will show just over ¾ and as I drive it will slowly go up to F then start on its plunge to E.  Not sure what that’s all about.

19.   Double antenna – Ok, so the whip antenna sucks.  I hit it on my garage every day and it will be replaced but why not just have one like other vehicles.

20.   No Fog with High beams – why is this… please fix as if you turn on fog lights it disables auto high beams.  Seems counter intuitive.

21.   Badges on fenders – I don’t care for the fender badging and don’t know why this spot was picked

22.   Truck has limited run time – So yeah, if you walk away from the truck with the keys it will only run for 15 minutes.  If you start the truck and leave the keys in, it will only run for an hour.  Hate this!    


SO here’s the review after 5000 miles.  Do I have buyer’s remorse?  No, I still love the truck but wanted to share my experience so far that might help someone on the fence. I’m happy and it goes in the snow very well.  I’m ready to use it this summer and enjoy the sunroof and all the windows down.  Take care and drive on!  

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You’re right on the money.


I was hoping I wasn’t the only one annoyed by the truck being white in the bird’s eye view. But having a black truck, I think if the icon was black it would be very hard to see. Oh well.


Wipers suck for me too.


And the shifter is the worst. I’m hoping the 2020 SUVs will get a better version like the K2s did. Potential swap ahead.

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I agree with all of that for the most part.  My backup camera never keeps the setting either.  Seems like it should be an easy fix so hopefully an update will roll out soon.

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You’re right on the money.


I was hoping I wasn’t the only one annoyed by the truck being white in the bird’s eye view. But having a black truck, I think if the icon was black it would be very hard to see. Oh well.



Seems like maybe the same tool that programmed the K2 park assist graphic (where the truck suddenly becomes a generic sedan...WTH GM?) was later tasked with programming the 3d view....


Anyway, OP, thanks for the honest review!



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