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2019 Camper Shell Cap Pictures

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On 5/13/2020 at 9:01 AM, N2HighVoltage said:

Picked mine up yesterday...came in pretty quick!...like just under three weeks. I also want to say anyone in So Cal definitely look up American Camper in Garden Grove. They beat everyone’s price in Temecula and San Diego by a lot!...and the customer service was awesome!



I was just about to call those guys for an estimate for the same shell installed on my Trail Boss. Do you mind sharing what you paid so I can make sure I’m getting a deal? Thanks!

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I started a new thread because I didn’t find this one first so here’s a repost from there.

I recently had my shell arrived and had it installed.e8ef3400973b78c6bd7daa58de73507b.jpg
It's a Leer 100XR color matched to my truck. It took almost 2 months from order date to delivery which is a little longer than expected. All manufactures told me 6-8 weeks.
The options I added are, removable front window so I can clean between without taking the cap off. Power locks which tie into the truck and work via the remote, door handle button and keypad. Headliner in black since a bed rug only comes in black and I might add the floor later so I wanted them to match. Thule rack tracks to mount a roof rack which I had from my last vehicle to carry surfboards and kayaks. There is one interior light right behind the brake light which I think came standard.
The shop only charged $60 for install and I'm glad they did it. It took close to two hrs for install to run the wiring for the door locks, brake light and interior light. It probably would have taken me longer.
My total cost was $2990.90 after tax. See below for the price breakout from my receipt.
This is a cab high model, the interior height is 41" from floor (top of ribs) to ceiling. The tailgate opening is 35.5" high.
Ceiling height is enough to sit up with about 5" of head clearance. Later I'm sure I'll camp out in the back on solo trips with my boy instead of hauling a full trailer.ceeca62d7e2ea15338b9ba8e8dcab121.jpg

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Anyone seen a fiberglass cap for a 19+ Silverado with the full rear hatch?  Trying to replace a Suburban for the fire department, the hatch is something we really want to try to retain without spending $25,000 more for a Suburban.  Looking for something similar to the walk in offering from ARE but don't need all the glass and the walk-in door, just the hatch.



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ARE Evolve shell installed. Though it wasn't listed as available for the standard size bed on their web site, I contacted them and they confirmed it was. It did take 10 weeks to get, but so far I do like it a lot.

Silverado 4_21 Frnt.jpg

Silverado 4_21 Rear.jpg

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Could you post some picks of what the track system looks like please 


I have a 10ft Alurack sitting around in my barn, I’m looking to add the track in attempt to use the rack on my current 100xr

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Anyone running a canopy with the multiflex tailgate?  I am hoping to transfer over an existing canopy from a 2020 TB to a 2021 TB. I can’t tell from the pictures of there will be interference with the rear window. The canopy is an ARE Z2. Thanks. 

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Posted (edited)

Learn from my mistake and never order over the phone from a dealer. Initially called around multiple dealers in my area, decided to go with one an hour away since they quoted about 15% cheaper. Called the dealer and they didn't have a problem doing it over the phone since I knew all of my truck specs, VIN, etc. I spec'd out a Leer 100XR with thule roof tracks and carpeted headliner (free upgrade during April promo). Gave them my down payment, emailed invoice, and was told 4-6 weeks on delivery. I call 4 weeks in to seek an update and I get a call back from the manager stating he forgot to verify the VIN on my truck so my order was frozen since time of invoice. I discuss cancelling my order and he offered to take the cost of wiring harness and labor off ($200), it sounded fair so I stuck with it. 6 weeks after original invoice I call to get update and what my amount owed at time of delivery. They say a number that was ~$150 more than my original invoice that I was looking at while on the phone with them. When officially submitting my invoice (with the VIN this time) the april headliner promo expired putting that charge on the invoice. What a disaster. They continuously state during our conversation that they shouldn't have done an over the phone order. They agree to eat the cost of the carpeted headliner to bring the price back down to the original. All said and done I'm now looking at 10 week delivery minimum. Hope its worth it!

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Finally got my Leer 100XR installed. 10 week delivery total. Pretty happy with it initially. Anyone else notice the paint match is a little off when you get up close? My truck is ceramic coated, so I am unsure if it is just the reflective/mirror properties make it look that way in the light.








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