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14-18 Chevy Borla 6.2L Side Exit Exhaust System

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For sale today is a Chevrolet/ GM Performance Borla Cat Back exhaust system. 


Part number is 19303345. This is the Dual Side Exit system for Chevrolet Silverados and GMC Sierras equipped with the L86 6.2L V8. This system will fit crew cab short bed trucks and double cab standard bed trucks. 


My original system had a howl, but fortunately Borla got me a front pipe free of charge to fix the issue. I kinda jumped the gun on parts, which is how I got to this right here. I did try this on my truck, it has all of 13 miles on it, but I liked the sound of my original muffler, after roughly 50K miles it's broken in and has a nice growl to it! For that reason I decided to keep my old one and am selling this very like new system. 


Pricing today is $850. This gets you the entire system, complete with bright chrome tips (also in very like new condition) shipped to your front door! If you would like a better price, make me an offer!


Thank you for your consideration, and have a great day. :thumbs:





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Something of note: All clamps are included. Installation instructions are included. Even the freebie hat you get with the setup is included. Tips will be shipped in their own box they came in, and I will polish them to a high shine for you! I even have the polish Borla makes specifically for their exhaust. Thank you!

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Being that it’s the GM Borla system, would that make it the touring muffler? Would like to tone mine down some. I started with Corsa Sport cat back , then removed the Corsa muffler and Put the flow master pro series muffler in its place. Still too loud with headers and catless y pipe. If this is the touring I may be interested. If I remember right your located a couple hours from me in Wyoming. Let me know. Thanks!

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Short answer, yes. Long answer in a PM. Thank you for your interest!


Pic of the tips for thoroughness


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