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2014-2018 to 2019 Wheels - Known to Fit Thread

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I have stock 18x8.5 inch Z71 midnight rims with 265/65/18s with a 24 mm offset




Stock 22x9 inch black gm LPO rims with 285/45/22s also with a 24 mm offset.


If I trade in my 16 for a 19 RST or Trail Boss I would like to keep one of these sets of wheels from my 16 to run on the 19. I read the 19s have bigger brake calipers. Can anyone verify that either or both of these will fit a 19?




Also please post pics of any 14 to 18 wheels you have on a 19 for general reference.286494d295eb5666beaff7e5480232b8.jpg78f1ed54835958cba06d69d5b54f48fb.jpg


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Glad you started this thread.  I'll be replacing my '16 with a '19 this summer.  I have 22's now and will be looking to get 22's again.   Some '14-'18 22" accessory and factory Tahoe etc. 22" wheels will fit.  It's hit and miss.  The offset on 22's for 2019 is +28 where as '14-'18 was +31.  The offset change  is because of the new larger 4 piston calipers.  A forum member has CK157's and they  won't fit on his '19.  Those are a +24 offset so you'd think they'd work but don't.  It's not just the offset but the thickness and angle of the spokes to clear the calipers.    There's a wheel shop who has tried several on 19's and have a list of those that fit.  I'll try to get it and post.  If anyone has which 22" CK accessory wheels or stock 22'" wheels that will fit the 2019 please list them.  Thanks

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I wonder if the Tahoe/Suburban RST wheels will fit on the new trucks?

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